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IP.Board 3.4.x Security Update

We are releasing a patch for IP.Board 3.4.x to address a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) issue.

It has been brought to our attention that specifically crafted posted content followed by specific user actions can cause a scenario where untrusted javascript can execute.  A patch is being released to address this potential issue.  This download also includes a patch for an email issue previously reported to us.

To apply the patch
Simply download the attached zip and upload the files to your forum server.   This single zip file includes the patch files for both IP.Board as well as IP.Gallery.




If you are an IPS Community in the Cloud client running IP.Board 3.4 or above, no further action is necessary as we have already automatically patched your account. If you are using a version older than IP.Board 3.4, you should contact support to upgrade.

If you install or upgrade to IP.Board 3.4.9 after the date and time of this post, no further action is necessary as we have already updated the main download zips.

We would like to thank @newbie LAC for responsibly disclosing this issue to us.

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