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Monetize your traffic with VigLink

IPS is always looking for ways to assist our clients in monetization and promotion of their community traffic. After we saw so many clients successfully using VigLink on their community we decided to bundle it directly in the AdminCP under the Community Enhancements section. Since then many clients have reported success in using their service. Many clients have also since looked into other monetization options and have started to really grow.

Information from VigLink:

VigLink is a content monetization service used by tens of thousands of publishers. While most monetization services focus on the traffic you receive - usually by displaying ads that distract and interrupt - VigLink is focused on the traffic that’s already [i]leaving[/i] your community. Here’s how it works: Often your communities will post links to retail sites like eBay or Amazon. With VigLink, clicks on these links are automatically monetized. There’s no change to the user experience. It’s simple: when a user clicks and purchases something, you earn a commission. Through their relationships with over

30,000 merchants

, including over 90% of the top 500 affiliating retailers on the web, VigLink automatically monetizes more links than any relevant competitor. Because of their size and success they have negotiated spectacular commissions with some of the top merchants. If you or your community already posts affiliate links or uses any other form of monetization, VigLink will not interfere.

To further increase your revenue, VigLink also offers Link Insertion, a technology that can automatically create links when brands, products, and stores are mentioned. These links are normal, everyday links, except for the fact that they can earn you money. For example, if a user posts about a camera they are thinking of buying, VigLink can detect the product mentioned and link it to a retailer that pays top commissions. Typically, publishers get more than half of their earnings from this technology.

There are others who try to offer similar technologies, however we have selected to integrate with VigLink because of their superior technology, performance, and customer service, especially among discussion-based communities. The largest network of its kind, VigLink processes billions of page views and over three hundred million clicks every month.

If you want to give it a try simply visit your AdminCP and click Community Enhancements to turn VigLink on and start earning. IPS does benefit from this relationship however we do not take any of your commission of course.

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