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IP.Nexus Dev Update: Integration with IP.Downloads

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I had previously blogged about the API in IP.Nexus allowing other applications to process payments using IP.Nexus. We have implemented this in IP.Downloads to bring paid file support.

You can specify which groups can add paid files, and which groups (for example the admin group) can download paid files without paying.

You can also specify how much commission to take from sales and what to give to the user who submitted the file when it is purchased.

A member who has permission will be able to specify how much to charge for a file when submitting it.

When viewing a paid file, instead of the "Download File" button, users will see a purchase button.

When clicking this button, the user will be taken to the payment screen and payment will be taken. If payment is successful, the user will be taken straight back to the download page where they will now see the normal "Download File" button.

The commission to be given to the member who submitted the file will be applied in the form of account credit, which, if allowed, he can request be paid out. This will be discussed in a future blog entry.

As you can see, the IP.Nexus & IP.Downloads integration is very simple to set up and use but allows IP.Downloads to be used by those selling digital files without the need for a complete billing system.

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