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We'll keep this blog entry short and sweet, since there's not a whole lot to say.

Developers have asked for further documentation of IP.Board (and addon applications), specifically source code-level documentation of the various classes and methods that can be reused. Those of you familiar with phpdoc will know that it's the perfect tool for the job, and thankfully we wrote IP.Board 3 using phpdoc-style comments to facilitate this job.

After a lot of cleanup and tweaking, we have made the phpdoc developer documentation available for all. Please be aware that this is the first "release" of these documents, and there are likely going to be some oddities and under-documented functions. Please let us know where we can expand on the documents. We intend to add more code examples and to clean up the class-level documentation a little over time, but if you have any specific requests we'll focus on those first.


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