Harness the power of your superfans

Invision Community helps you build awesome community experiences that will engage fans and help you build excitement for your Next Big Thing

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Build a fan destination

Your fans are already creating conversations online, on social media and other third-party sites, meaning you're missing out on potential engagement with your biggest advocates on your own web properties.

Invision Community helps you bring the conversation back, giving you invaluable opportunities to get to know your fans better, direct the conversation, find and reward superfans and identify new marketing strategies.

Engage fans on a deeper level

Run official 'ask me anything' sessions, offer perks to your best contributors, create focus groups to road test new ideas and provide a convenient way for fans to stay up to date on what your brand is doing.

Create new revenue streams

Invision Community includes tools that enable you to sell premium subscription packages, offering new revenue streams to established brands. And, since fan communities offer advertisers exceptionally

Example support forums
  • Create VIP Fan Communities

    Use Invision Community's built-in paid subscription functionality to build membership fanclubs for your brand.

  • Conduct Organic Market Research

    Use your fan community to gain deeper understandings of sentiment, and trial new ideas with focus groups.

  • Bring The Conversation Back

    Use social media to your advantage by bringing the conversation back to your own site, but promoting your best content to Facebook & Twitter.

  • Engage Your Superfans

    Your superfans are your single biggest asset, and Invision Community helps you give them the recognition they deserve.

  • Spread The Word

    Organic SEO and promotion tools help bring new visitors to your brand, while engagement tools encourage them to stay.

  • Community On-The-Go

    With our built-in mobile support, fans can engage with fellow members whenever and wherever they like, on any device.

Key Features


Let members be the leaders of their own sub-communities, neatly integrated into the overall Invision Community platform.

Reputation & Leaderboards

Gamify your community by giving members something to aim for. Leaderboards track the best-ranked members each day, week, month and year.

Group Promotions

Also contributing to gamification, group promotion allows you to offer in-community perks to members who achieve particular goals, such as post count.

Social Media Promotion

Automatically schedule the best content from your community to be posted on your brand's social media channels to bring in new visitors.

Paid Subscriptions

Sell premium memberships to your fan club by using built-in subscription features. Multiple plan levels and renewal options are supported.

Moderation Tools

Fan communities can sometimes lead to heated debate, but Invision Community gives moderators an easy workflow to deal with users and content.

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