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Invision Community 4.6.6

Released 09/08/2021

Key Changes

This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.

Additional Information


  • Improved catching errors that 3rd party hook may throw.
  • Added grouping to approved content push notifications.
  • Changed lost password reset links to be valid for 1 hour.
  • Upgraded CKEditor to 4.16.2.
  • Fixed some missing language strings in Member History when looking at badges/points.
  • Fixed an issue with the SQL toolbox pagination when a table prefix was being used.
  • Fixed an issue where achievement excluded groups still show in the widgets.
  • Fixed an issue where required profile fields may be skipped from profile completion.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to post status updates if the ability to follow a member was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where videos attachments that are not supported by a browser may not be downloadable.
  • Fixed an issue where some admin control panel profile blocks could show if the features were disabled.
  • Fixed an error when a restricted admin attempted to add moderators.
  • Fixed an issue where following a member can send a notification if you choose to follow anonymously.
  • Fixed an issue where a view update task may attempt to connect to Redis when Redis is not used.
  • Fixed an issue where search statistics in the ACP can be slow to generate.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'follow member' achievement rule didn't calculate milestones correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where WebP may be shown as an accepted extension when not fully supported by the server.
  • Fixed editor becoming unresponsive when inserting attachments into the editor.
  • Fixed an issue where an automatically deleted notice may be shown on a member in AdminCP but the account isn't queued for deletion.
  • Fixed an issue where a failed file move could delete the filenames of Reactions.
  • Fixed an issue with the REST API where it may be possible for hidden comments to be seen.
  • Fixed a minor typo when processing an RSS import.
  • Fixed an issue where the AdminCP member list may be slow to load.
  • Fixed an issue where saving changes to an Easy Mode theme might fail due to an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the health dashboard error log chart may not be accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where Achievements notifications loaded via the REST API may be attributed to a guest.
  • Fixed social login buttons not working on the register form when using quick registration.
  • Fixed an error being generated when viewing Member history.
  • Fixed the group search flood control setting not showing the correct value.
  • Fixed an issue where search pagination can lose quick search and node parameters.
  • Fixed issue where the AdminCP Search Activity statistics restriction wouldn't cause a corresponding in the menu to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'solutions' table on a members profile would not paginate.
  • Fixed an issue where content controllers wouldn't find comments that are archived and stored in a separate archive database.
  • Fixed an issue where the new rank mobile notification throws an error.
  • Fixed an issue in the Achievements Rebuild Routine which would result in an exception while the rebuild.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a member moderator with a visible badge could break the view.
  • Fixed an issue sending a push notification when a new badge is earned.
  • Fixed an issue where created_externally flagged accounts may be deleted when awaiting validation, where it may be desirable to keep them.
  • Fixed an issue where the widget data weren't updated while application upgrades.
  • Removed few occurrences from the in 4.6 removed notification sounds setting.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a member moderator with a visible badge could break the view
  • Fixed an issue with the AdminCP menu manager not displaying dropdowns in some situations.


  • Fixed an issue where a large file description may not save if it is larger than 64kb.
  • Fixed the group wait time setting not showing the correct value.
  • Fixed an issue re-activating a purchased file if the original invoice or currency does not exist.
  • Removed the ability to submit new versions of files when the file itself has not yet been approved. This was unintended functionality and can cause issues.


  • Improved performance of hiding/unhiding/deleting topics.
  • Fixed an issue where not all forums could show when creating topic and post feed widgets.
  • Fixed an issue where archived posts aren't counted towards a member's total post count


  • Fixed an issue where weekly recurring events with no end date could display one day off.
  • Fixed birthdays not showing on the initial Calendar view when only one calendar is present.
  • Fixed an issue where rare badges calculated with all members, and not just those permitted to use achievements.


  • Fixed an issue where the topic sync background task may get stuck in a loop.
  • Fixed an issue where category edit permissions would override the moderator edit permission.


  • Fixed an issue running a conversion on PHP 8.
  • Fixed an issue where long group username styles in Xenforo could cause a database error.


  • Fixed an issue upgrading from a really old version of Gallery.


  • Changed new PayPal subscriptions to not collect previous period charge on next cycle if the previous cycle failed.
  • Fixed a database error caused by long shipping service names.
  • Fixed an issue where the CVC/Address/ZIP checks were unavailable on Stripe payment intents in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading to a package with a longer initial term would not extend the expiry date.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a product filter wouldn't delete all the language strings.
  • Fixed an issue where Google/Apple/Microsoft pay transactions would show a red 3DSecure error on transactions.
  • Fixed a PHP 8 specific issue that could cause an exception when viewing a product with reviews.
  • Fixed an issue where Stripe JS may be loaded more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to receive multiple subscription free trials.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • When building applications on Windows, Javascript/Themes imports will use \n line endings.
  • Fixed an issue editing hooks IN_DEV when using PHP 8.

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