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    [quote name='Johnrc' timestamp='1293958873'] Getting excited to migrate from vB3 with vBSEO. Count me as another excited listener!
  2. is wondering how other vBulletin users have been faring with the conversion to IPB.

  3. Be sure to keep us in the loop on how you approach IPB's systems. A few of us are awaiting your initial reactions to help guide our next steps!

  4. A couple of quick questions: 1. I am a Big Board owner, and my premiere community currently on vBulletin has nearly 2 million posts and 40,000 users. How well does IP handle these sorts of numbers? What does your Search algorithm look like? Do you have examples of Big Boards that run your software? 2. Can you point me in the direction of more information about how your templating system works? One of vBulletin 3.x's benefits is its customization of all HTML pieces surrounding variables using a purely HTML templating system. Thanks!
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