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  1. Disregard my above problem. My fault.
  2. I love this mod, but all of a sudden it's not working after upgrading to the latest IPB version. Anyone else have this issue? I just click the button like I used to and nothing.
  3. I have the recent topics widget on the top of my page ( http://www.emtbravo.net ) I can't find anywhere in the template or CSS to customize the look. Anyone who can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Any chance of getting this mod updated for 4.1?
  5. How would I reorder the information in the profile topic view so I can arrange this in a specific place?
  6. WestTac1

    Member Map

    I've just added this mod for 4.1.....is there a way to link in in the location field in the sidebar topic view ?
  7. In IPB 3, it used to let you change who's online to whichever duration you want (i.e. 60 min). In 4, I can't find that setting so I assume it's not there. Is there a file I could modify to fix thar?
  8. I just upgraded to 4, and I have a lot of orphaned avatars showing as "x". I know there was a tool in 3, but I can't find a similar tool in 4? Thanks!
  9. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. If not, please move it to the correct forum. This script is crucial to my forum. It exports recent topics to my HTML portal site http://www.emtbravo.com . Would it still work with 4.0? If it doesn't, is there any way to update it? Does anyone know how to contact the original authors? Seth
  10. I apologize if this has already been asked, but is there any way to make this "Member Of The Week"? BTW, thanks for this mod. It's a great feature for my forum.
  11. Every time I hit accept, it comes back to this same screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've tried a bunch of things with no result.
  12. Installed the patch. Now the delete button isn't working, and neither are the issues that were supposedly fixed. I tried reinstalling, checking the files, etc.....and nothing. Seems with every 1 upgrade, it creates 10 more problems.
  13. I'm still having this issue, and also now it is being reported to me that certain membergroups can't edit their shouts because the icons to edit are not appearing. I checked the permissions, and they allow editing, yet the icons don't show. They appear still for my membergroup. Hope something new has developed regarding this issue so I can solve it.
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