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  1. marcin554

    Radical Tags

    Will you add upgrade to IPS 4.6 of this app?
  2. Will you add the IPS 4.6 version?
  3. @InvisionHQ Will you upgrade classfields to IPS 4.6 version?
  4. I have two problem in yours classifieds script (https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8311-classifieds-system/ 1) I've add offer to sell with 8 items to sell, I've clicked to buy it but I don't pay. In this way I have error: "This advert is PENDING due to a possible deal. You cannot make offers or buy it for now." HOW O UNPENDING THIS ITEM? And dont't pend all other items. I've added about 20 items my user clicked "Bought it" and not pay and it is PENDING FOREVER. How to fix it? Please help me. 2) Second Who are taking the transaction fee (for example 20% and 200 currency)? There is not any option in ACP tab. Admin (which admin?) Seller or Buyer?
  5. How to make my sales UNpending? It happens when somebody was tring to buy item and my item is pending. So nobody can't buy it. I set in IPS Nexus 1 hour for pending but in classifieds app it was pending already another week How to unpend this?!
  6. marcin554

    Radical Tags

    Something in radical tags make a bug on boards could you fix it? Or how can I fix it?v4.5.4.2 [[Template forums/front/index/forumRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  7. So I'm waiting to buy your product :)
  8. Have you information when exactly?
  9. Is this possible to disable app for some group id?
  10. I did the test when I press the buy now button the window with the purchase of the item appears, but without the commission (Transaction Fee for Site ) added, which I have set in ACP in Commerce Integration TAB. I have the same price in buy gateway which in item site. Have idea to gix this problem in sales commissions?
  11. Mygold payment gateway
    I have wirtual currency on my board
    Is this possible to make this payment gateway, can you arrange time and costs with you? Send me pm.
  12. It here any way block to buy for example more than 2-3 items per day for each user? or selected group ? Is it possible to add this function by cash?
  13. Could you update it to 4.5 or someone have other app with similar functions?
  14. How can I set invoice expiration time to 1 hour (now it is default one day). I would like to expiration pending invoices after one hour not after one day because I is blocking my product in store.
  15. I am looking for an encoder that will perform a our board virtual currency payment gate on the discussion board for the classfields script. I Will pay as many as you need. Contact me .
  16. I would like transactions for buyers and sellers to be safe. It's about ESCROW routing. After purchasing the item, the seller receives a payment but cannot withdraw it from the forum until the buyer approves the receipt of the product. Is there such an option? How to do it?
  17. I bought yours script. is it possible to close topics after the advertisement ends, instead of removing them from the board? btw. Author disabled PM messages?!
  18. hello, I have problem with charset in SB Tab - mysite.pl/shoutbox (on main page all was working fine). Exactly when I type polish signs (ą ę ś ł ź etc.) I have entitle in shouts just like: ą ę ś ł ź etc. I have ISO-8859-2 charset and I disabled AJAX for text in server environment ACP TAB. Please help me how can I fix it?
  19. I have problem with charset when I add Custom Content. My board has latine2 charset (iso 8859-2). I can't add correctly polish signs in title (ą, ś, ż ...) because it save as "?" in database. Please tell me - how can I fix it???
  20. 3) It should have some notification system for moderators (PM or email to moderators of selected groups) - for example: "There is new request in join system... Click here to check". 4) It would be very nice to add moderators comments to any request without action. Just to talk about any members request.
  21. 1) First - I would like to change order of question list. But it is not possible - please add ajax to change order via ACP. Any idea how can I change this order now? (very important) 2) Second - I would like to add forum list (#forums#) with checkboxes - but it have alphabetically order only (chow can I change it?) to save Furum and Sub-forum order? Please answer
  22. marcin554

    Member Map

    OK, I'm waiting for any help... :) Thx!
  23. marcin554

    Member Map

    Our users can't use this app because they can't add any city with polish signs :( When will have time to look at this problem?
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