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    1.申请成为 QQ开发者 。 1.Apply to become a QQ developer. 2.审核通过后,创建网站应用。 2.After approval, create the website application. 3.提交网站应用后也需要审核,审核通过后 论坛后台创建 QQ登录 APPID与APPKey。 3.After submitting the website application, it also needs to be reviewed. After the approval, QQ is created in the background of the forum to log in appid and appkey. 保存后就可以使用QQ快捷登录了。 After saving, you can use QQ to login quickly. If you need help, please contact me
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    China's largest payment platform AliPay 支付宝官方支付应用程序,需要申请支付宝商家支付,并申请电脑付款。支付宝开发平台 1.进入开发者中心控制台,创建网站应用 。 1.Enter the developer center console and create a website application. 2.按照支付宝的教程一步操作,最终在这个页面上拿到公钥,私钥需要工具生成,查看支付宝官方的文档就行,挺简单的。 2.According to Alipay's tutorial, one step operation, and finally get the public key on this page, the private key needs tools to generate, to see the official documents of Alipay is very simple. 3.网站后台,添加支付宝付款。 3.Website backstage, add Alipay payment. 这样就可以支付宝收款了。。 So that Alipay can get the money. Only Chinese people can understand the application. If your forum involves the Chinese market, please contact me and I will give you a detailed explanation on how to connect.
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