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  1. It probably shouldn't work without adaptation
  2. https://github.com/netwaretcs/Classifieds/issues/26
  3. You should try to disable this in settings:
  4. You can't foresee everything that will arise in any case, so run it as it is. Most of the bugs have been fixed with the last update, so nothing should interfere with the use of the functionality for your community.
  5. Hi all, found some new bugs: 1. When I try to change any settings for notifications I get the following error when saving: It's actual only for Classidfieds notifications settings, so I think it's the addon's bug. 2. Image thumbnails are missing for Whishlist, My offers and My renewals:
  6. Looks like trouble is in one of my plugins. Find out which one. Upd: no, I'm hurried. It's not plugins.
  7. But it's standart for Gallery app, I can't edit it:
  8. I can't figure out where you got these settings :)
  9. Got it, thank you! But as for me it's not perfect: according to my idea, the gallery application should be a kind of cloud for forum members and their photos (full-time access from any point, easy sharing with members, etc), and unlike other content, they should be able to edit and delete it at any time. Just for example: I need an albums with full-time edit and forum posts with 5 minute edit, also I need some topics(or categories) that be auctions topics for collectibles with bid-posts by members without editing. So I need more flexibility in settings. I'm not sure that I have it with current engine capabilities - correct me if I'm wrong. As for me, it must be more decentralised. At least for Galleries app it should be unique: I'm sorry, but where I could check it? My problem isn't that I see them in the block of new images as an admin, but that as an admin I don't see images\albums in the Gallery category.
  10. Hi! Found few bugs today(my settings in attachments): 1. I made the closed album as Member with one photo in Фалеристика category with full permissions for two users(Members). Photo(By TestElif In КМС) in it is available for them and me(as Administrator) in the block of new images: But I can't see this image and album as Administrator in category folder: I'm not sure that this is right way - I should see all content as Administrator so I guess it's a bug. I don't see that album or image as Guest or Member without permission - so it's OK. 2. I can't edit my(same one) album as member. So I created it, gave permissions for view and adding new photos: On this stage I have "Manage album" button as Owner and Member: But few minutes after it's gone: So I can't edit it or delete it as Owner\Member. Only as Admin. Same for all categories:
  11. Hi all! Faced the following problem: System-Posting-Images and Videos-Maximum image dimensions to display(reduced by me). Аfter rebuilding the thumbnails of the existing images, their quality get worse, not the size. Size remains the same, the text in the image in this article was readable, for example: Thumbnails for new images works good as it should be:
  12. Hi @TAMAN! Is there any progress with the update?😃
  13. Although video looks good in the description too
  14. Got it. But in this case, it is the overall composition of the page that is important to me, as in my screenshot - I do not need to make the video in a separate tab or something else. It's hard for me to judge how difficult it is to implement from the side of the code. But it would be great to give such an opportunity. For example, as you described, add your own commerce widget with products of this category for each category \ topic. In general, this would give a lot of options.
  15. Hi! If I understand correctly now there is one template for the product page and it is common for all products. Accordingly, the blocks added with builder will also be relevant for all products at once. Is it possible to make each product unique with its own template. For example, I wanted to add a promotional video to a specific product in this way instead of giving a link to YouTube in the description. But this block remains the same for other products too. I think this is relevant for other blocks in the builder as well.
  16. Maybe you should check System-Settings-Email settings
  17. I tried both - e-mail and PM. For e-mail I get it as seller - all OK. For PM I get notification on board(bell) and notification about PM on my e-mail as seller. I have standart settings for notifications and for Classifieds at all. So maybe it's trouble on side of your e-mail hosting. I have some another trouble - I didn't get notification(bell) as buyer for BID(offer) accepted by seller - only e-mail. It's not comfortable as for me.
  18. Hi! It would be better if you provide a complete step-by-step description of the problem being caused
  19. Hi all! @InvisionHQ Found bug (hiding) with members store profile buttons. PM button hiding particularly. And how it should be:
  20. Hello! Сan you show how these links\buttons on members store look like. I'm sure that I enabled members store in settings. But I can't find it) Upd: I found the widget with displaying of members stores, but I still don't understand how they look and what they are formed from. Upd2: Looks like I found how it should be enabled for every user in profile. It is also possible there is a bug with the display of galleries in ads: I added an album for the item for sale, but I did not find it or a link to it in the published ad.
  21. Ok🙂 I'm in no rush with this, so I can wait for the add-on fix. Now this corrects the aspect ratio for the first image with new code, but the images below still extend off the page:
  22. Got it. But that helped only with first featured. The rest of the illustrations are still slightly off the page:
  23. Hi! I maded custom.css and added your text to it. Did I understand correctly what I need to create, because I didn't get any changes at mobile phone?
  24. Hi @TAMAN! Is there any solution for my trouble? Thank you!
  25. Hi all! I have the problem displaying illustrations for articles. Two columns with first featured. Using latest version of the plugin. Third screen from ipad.
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