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    Sounds good, looking forward to it! Hoping for Limitless to get 4.5 update, amazing theme!
  2. iamART


    In 4.5 the logo is not adjusting to the logo height setting?
  3. Is there a way to use a retina version logo? Like with a WordPress website you would upload 2 files. logo logo@2x
  4. iamART


    Good day @doc I have a few questions regarding the theme. Is there a way to add a logo to the mobile version? It does not show up on mobile and was not sure if it's by design. Would really love to be able to add that. Lastly how does the offer work to get free access to the enhanced default theme? Thanks.
    Amazing app that will change your community for the better depending on your use for this. For us we wanted something to make articles look more like WordPress which does so perfectly. The design is great and very easy to install and go. In the future I'd like to see even more layout options. A must have for any community admin who writes editorials.
    What an amazing plugin and has allowed me to grow our Discord community while driving traffic back to the forums. The option to only allow forum members access to the Discord has been very useful for our use. Pros: - Great design and coding - Plenty of admin options to use - Drive and keep traffic engaged with your actual forum - Always has great updates Cons: Finding it hard to see any which is rare but in my experience so far, nothing. We use this app to drive traffic to our forums using Discord mainly for it's audio options with out YouTube live-streams. The text channels on Discord automatically post new topics to Discord which alerts our Discord community to new content.
    My rating for this product does not correspond to the quality of the design but more reflects to the styles (theme) creator and some issues I have with the custom-ability. The theme is one of the best in regards to the appearance and look of the style itself. So I will break down some of my own pros and cons. Pros: - Great Appearance in regards to design. - Very well priced - Some useful header (banner) options - Lightweight Cons: - Not all style colors can be changed via the admin cp (very limited) - Forum icons cannot be changed without breaking the style - Logo option had to be coded to work for retina quality - Style creator is very moody and unhelpful with simple requests If you're looking for a theme for your community that you only need to change the banner and add your logo, this is your theme. But if you need to change colors to match your branding and would like to add custom icons for each forum, look away! The creator is unhelpful and insists that these changes are not apart of the deal. Very unfortunate considering a previous rating contradicts this so I am unsure why he's unhelpful with me but this is my experience with it. You will need to have some experience with editing the XML file to make some of these simple changes which will become problematic when the theme needs to be updated.
  5. Turns out maybe it's a Invision issue. Using a ad banner you can see the difference between desktop and mobile view. Also you need to work on how you speak to people who invest in your product. Using the word "buddy" makes you come off as a complete a**hole. Just a little fyi and it will reflect in my review of your theme. You're the most aggressive creator I have ever experienced when it comes to seeking help with a pre-made theme. I am also new to the Invision community so I am still learning the ins and outs of the product. I chose your theme because I felt you have the best there is to offer here. I understand this issue may have not been YOUR product causing this issue but you could address it in a more professional manner. In other words you could maybe address this without becoming overly sensitive when somebody seeks your help with an issue EVEN if it's not caused by your product. Desktop View Mobile View
  6. Head over to www.steelyinzers.com/live Thanks
  7. Having a issue with pages where content is stretching outside the boarders instead of staying within frame. This is happening with scripts and image banners. If I use a banner that looks good on desktop, it will screw up the mobile version. Could you please fix this?
    Works perfectly and the admin settings give you so much control over your chat. In addition to that support for minor changes has been amazing! I highly recommend this app for your forum to keep people engaged in real time.
  8. Yeah after some searching I found a plugin that does that, I am still very new to Invision. Thanks for responding.
  9. So I recently purchased the IPS pages feature and started creating articles. Is there any way to make these articles look better in regards to images? My end goal is to make these look more like a traditional blog. Is this a theme thing or am I missing something? Thanks. PS: I included screens of what I'm talking about. (Image 01 is your theme)
  10. Not needed, but to clarify I did ask for assistance with icons and you continued by being sarcastic and aggressive in response. By saying "customize your this theme by your pleasure it's not our problem" and proceeding to not give me an idea on how I can add a icon to each forum without breaking the look of your theme is kinda straight forward. I will seek out another theme creator who is not aggressive and one who can understand small changes being requested. Good day.
  11. Did that and you told me I am on my own.
  12. How is it to customize the entire themes colors? Like I'd like to get rid of the dark blue for black ect. Also can we use our own icons for each forum? Thanks, will be buying tonight if these are options. Update: Purchased theme, still need help with changes.
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