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  1. Thanks for the replies. After reading the info in the linked threads I understand what the reasons were for doing it but I wish it had remained as an option. It appears IPS is making a decision on what is best for our website. I'm not sure they made the right decision for me.
  2. I thought there was a setting in the Admin Panel to have all linked (remote) images posted to be saved locally. I can no longer find that setting. Has it been removed or renamed?
  3. Can you change the default setting for all users in the ACP?
  4. Is it possible to turn off the new feature in 4.5 that compresses quotes? It is a nice feature for large forums I guess but I'd rather not have it on my forum.
  5. @peter gariepy you may interested in this post.
  6. Thanks! I never would have thought to look there.
  7. When I upgraded to version 4.5 I was expecting to see a dark theme in the ACP. After updating to 4.5 I still have the light theme. How do I change to the dark theme?
  8. @Paul E. Thank you! The plugin works as described. It was just what I needed on my forum. Saved me from editing a template file. Good job!
    Thank you! This plugin works as described. It was just what I needed on my forum. Saved me from editing a template file. Good job!
  9. Thanks for your reply. I must not have the permissions needed to see the link you refer to.
  10. Thanks for making the plugin. What is your plugin called so I can be watching for it?
  11. Thank you so much @VORT3X666. That worked perfectly. I agree. It should be the default or an option in the theme.
  12. Upgraded to version 4.5. I would like to put the "edit" link back next to the "quote" link at the bottom of posts. My forum members aren't smart enough to click the 3 dots to find it in the menu no matter how many times I tell them. Is there an option in the ACP for restoring the edit link or some other way easily doing it? Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this has been asked a dozen times already. I can't seem to find any information on it.
  13. Could you please tell me what section the setting is in to turn off the sidebar in topics longer than 3 pages?
  14. I think it t would be useful if version 4.5 would have an easy way to rename Clubs to Groups by just moving a slider or ticking a box in the ACP instead of manually editing each instance where Club(s) is found in the language file. Would anyone like to see that? I've not used clubs with success in my community because members don't seem to get clubs because they are use to groups on FB.
  15. Thanks for your reply. I know how to view information in databases and back them up but making changes is a little above my knowledge of databases. I'm afraid I would crash my live site. Thank you for explaining what needs to be done. I appreciate it. I was hoping there might an easy way to do it.
  16. I have started using acronyms on my forum and I really like this feature. It works as expected for new posts. It is possible to have old posts use the acronyms too? Sorry if this has already been covered and I just didn't find the answer.
  17. Thank you for your help. I'll see if I can disable them. I feel better knowing that I don't have something wrong that will crash my community.
  18. I just did a new installation and I get the notification "Dangerous PHP Functions Enabled". Is it something I should be worried about. It sounds like I'm not the only one getting it. Is it really a problem I should address or just a warning that can be ignored?
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