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  1. Hello, Upgraded my forum to the latest version recently and I really enjoyed all the changes. However when I associated my plugins with the marketplace I realized they say "locked". I cannot disable them to members nor delete them. Before I could delete them if I didn't see a use in them any longer... and I really appreciated that option. Is there any option to disable them that I am not seeing?
  2. Hello, I think this might be a bug with the new updates after 4.4 (with the converter)? I am new to this software so I am still learning the ropes, but anyway, I previously tested converting my forum on a test install first (4.4.4) All went well. Then I did the real installation on the main folder and with that I installed 4.4.5 (which was the version that had been released when I went to install and convert the forum). And it didn't work. Tried again and same result. Thought it was something on my end. Installed 4.4.6 same thing. Then I thought back to the fact all worked fine on the test install with 4.4.4 and on the main site it worked with the earlier version, but after 4.4.5 it doesn't. I don't know if it's just me but it doesn't convert any posts or topics after 4.4.5. And it's not the background tasks because there aren't any running. 😦
  3. It was the background tasks, had to manually do it. 🤨Everything has been converted correctly now. Thank you so much for your help!
  4. I don't see any background tasks running.. it's been two weeks since I did the conversion so I think everything has been converted already? Is there any way to try and rebuild the latest posts again?
  5. Hello! After a long time wanting to switch to IPS I finally did it! And thankfully when converting all members, posts and everything else moved over. The only issue I am having is that the thread links on the homepage (Like on here, there are the categories and on the right it shows who wrote the last post and which one) are broken. When I open a thread from the homepage it doesn't go anywhere. But if I open it from inside one of the categories it works fine. Also if I post something new it also updates the link. It's fixable if I update ALL forum threads but there are so many, I was wondering if there was a way of fixing this. It looks like this myforum.com/topic/0-topic-title When it should have the thread number myforum.com/topic/123-topic-title Has anyone who converted their forum faced this issue? Thank you.
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