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  1. Add multilingualism to your database, as well as to your widgets and other extensions. To switch languages, you should implement the ability to add a prefix - domain.com - The default language is selected, let's say English domain.com/fr/ - French domain.com/it/ - Italian and so on - with the ability to assign prefixes to languages yourself For the community and comments, you can use the Google translate API or another translation service. with the ability to show a specific message in the original language. or let all prefixes show what is there. but the content itself must be multilingual in all applications. You can leave your messages and comments as they are if the translator API is too time-consuming for you.
  2. Yes, because in some apps I don't want to show the bookmarks button. It's up to everyone to decide where to display the bookmarks button and where not to display it. Accordingly, these categories will not be displayed in bookmarks.
  3. I think it will be easier for the author to negotiate with the authors of other extensions for more complete integration, but the authors do not respond to suggestions and questions in private messages... it seems that I will have to make my own similar extensions with the necessary functionality. A developer and Manager in one person is a rarity. Although I prefer to develop what is. But it seems that this will remain just a desire and I will still have to make my own and put it on sale here on the marketplace, exactly the same as it happened on another CMS
  4. Hi @Fosters ! How do I disable output in files and in the profile tab? Can't the design be made a little more attractive using standard IPB classes? Move the bookmarks button in messages to the menu that is on the top right of messages? Very good app but apart from two switches in editing groups, I didn't find any more settings.. Do you have time to bring it to its logical end a little? Add a few settings to enable and disable everything below, please CONTENT ITEMS Bookmarks works with the following content items: Topic Posts Blog Entries Blog Comments Download Files Download Comments Gallery Images Gallery Comments Gallery Albums Project Manager Items Project Manager Comments Please make the app more flexible ----------------- P.S.--------------- If you are interested in this, then let me make you visually all this? A really good module, but the display and navigation leaves much to be desired. I can sponsor you Look... it will look very flexible and attractive. -------------- Default category. These are the categories that are included in the admin panel. from these pages, bookmarks should automatically fall into their own categories and already in this category we can add a subcategory in which we want to place favorites. Everything that is disabled is not shown either where, or categories, or the bookmarks button. ------------------ The main page of bookmarks. Categories by default from the right, only what is enabled in the admin panel is shown. In the body we will put the text through WYSIWYG editor. ---------- Adding a Topic to your bookmarks. Topic view ------------- Topic posts & comments view ------------ Download File view -------- Download File - add boockmark -------------- Download File - remove boockmark ------------ Topic - add boockmark ------------- Topic - remove boockmark ---------------- If you add a topic, file, page, gallery, (all except comments and posts) then in the pop-up window bookmarks do not show the Title. Boockmark Topic add pop-up - (files. Gallery Albums, Gallery Images, Blog Entries, Pages) -------------- Boockmark Topic pages add pop-up end comments You will get very nice and neat. ---Thanks for your attention
    Many thanks to @Adrian A. for the quick response and implementation of this plugin. And switching currencies was not possible by default except on the store's pages - and there are still downloads!. now users can do this without running through the sections directly in the user bar.
  5. Hi. can I use it to add js?
  6. Thank you! we will test. If you have time, I would discuss with you some improvements to the extension, if you agree, I will write to you in private messages?
  7. my question you certainly did not notice, it remains to sit and guess why.
  8. @CodingJungle Helo! Please tell me when the Downloads Plus update for 4.5 is expected ?
  9. сердечно благодарен вам )
  10. не и а где?)) для 4.5 нет разве?
  11. Why I missed your answer.. The theme does not differ from the default one. I use the default theme. the only changes that were made are the header and footer. But your module does not overlap with them because it works in part of the content.
  12. Hi! It would be good to have more flexible settings. to display additional information about the customer and so on. Also, it would not hurt to have a General sales table. If you are interested, I can sponsor you
  13. Tirel

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    Hi! Does the widget work on other pages articles downloads and others?
  14. hello. is your extension able to organize a section of documentation like this ? https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/welcome/about-invision-community-r7/
  15. @opentype You can be any kind of person and I'm not interested. But as a potential buyer, before buying this extension from you, I want to hear from you the answer to my question above. Will your Highness deign to lower his pride and answer us who walk the earth? In advance to you with gratitude for your answer and attention to us stupid and brainless users.
  16. @opentype hello. is your extension able to organize a section of documentation like this ? https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/welcome/about-invision-community-r7/
  17. @CodingJungle Will technical support be provided?
  18. @CodingJungle Hi. installed the file. but the file page is displayed crookedly. not at all like in your screenshots/ dplus
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