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  1. This file is not currently available for purchase.
  2. @CodingJungle How can this situation be resolved?
  3. why "This file is not currently available for purchase."? @CodingJungle
  4. @SoftwareFactory You can add a hook so that when the version of the file is updated on the forum, there will be a notification in the discord community?
  5. I'm talking about the bot that writes in the chat, that a topic was created or a message was added to a topic that has not yet been moderated. And I have such a question, is it possible to make it possible to select a group, let's call it “Super user” and if this Super user is to chat, then only his messages are visible to him.
  6. There is a big problem. Messages or topics that have not moderated appear in the chat
  7. Replied to the topic <TOPIC NAME> in <FORUM NAME> in languages there is no way to translate the word "in"
  8. How long to wait for automatic promotion for files, galleries, pages?
  9. /var/www/html/test/api.php:51:string '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'... (length=78584) /var/www/html/test/api.php:82: object(stdClass)[3] public 'errorCode' => string '1G316/6' (length=7) public 'errorMessage' => string 'NO_IMAGE' (length=8)
  10. $communityUrl = '...'; $apiKey = '...'; $endpoint = '/gallery/images'; $curl = curl_init( $communityUrl . 'api' . $endpoint ); $file_desc = '<p>Description</p>'; //img $path = '2.png'; $data = file_get_contents($path); $base64 = base64_encode($data); var_dump($base64); // Settings $curl_post_data = array( 'category' => 1, 'author' => 1, 'caption' => 'REST POST', 'description' => $file_desc, 'filename' => '1.jpg', 'image' => $base64, 'hidden' => 1, ); // Prepare data for cURL POST $curl_post_data = urldecode(http_build_query($curl_post_data)); // POST Data curl_setopt_array( $curl, array( CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => TRUE, CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH => CURLAUTH_BASIC, CURLOPT_USERPWD => "{$apiKey}:", CURLOPT_POST => TRUE, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => $curl_post_data ) ); // Get Response $response = curl_exec( $curl ); // Get info array $response = json_decode($response); var_dump($response); Any image that I try to upload produces such an error and only 1 time with 1 very small img of 64x64 through the online service img to base64_encode I could.
  11. @Fosters, Do you plan to update in the near future? The file left comments on some bugs, was it possible to fix them?
  12. Hello forum people 🙂 I created my database through the app page. Added all sorts of fields and from here I have such a question. The page has filtering by the fields that I created, I am sure that you can set these filters by the GET request, tell me how?
  13. Сan i create a block this way? ACP - pages - blocks - Create New Block
  14. It is important for me to know the functionality - it is hidden in the details. Before buying, I would like to see the demo and admin panel and see what is there.
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