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  1. Hi, When we go on the page https://yoursite/store/product/yourproduct, a little bug appear in search : search_contextual_item_product_groups search_contextual_item_product Any idea ?
  2. Metmet

    Forms Support

    Hello @Mike John It's possible to add a size upload limit when i add an Upload field ? Thank you
  3. Hi @CodingJungle A blank doesn't appear when I write two keywords in following.. Let see by yourself : Any idea to fix this ?
  4. Hello I bought your app and when I install it I obtain an error : EDIT : Fixed. Pages is required for fix this error.
  5. @Adriano Faria Thank you for answer, I have make exactly what you wrote but the error still appears. PS : I'm sorry about my not very correct English
  6. @ Adriano Faria Salut Vous pouvez voir l'erreur générée chaque fois qu'un membre atteint la loterie. Et oui j'ai le commerce.
  7. @Adriano Faria Hi, I found a bug : I'm trying to reinstall the app but the bug appears again.. Step to reproduce : • Create à Lotery (Giveway) with an Administrator account • Add one prize • Try to access the page with a Member account The bug appear when i add a prize. Without prize, members can see the lotery.. Actually i have the latest IPS version (4.3.6). (with old IPS version 4.3.3 i have not this bug.) Thank you
  8. Hi @Mike John Your plugin Auto Lock Topic is exactly for what I'm looking. But I would like to be able to lock a topic if no message was posted during X minutes instead of day. Can you make me a custom modifiation for add/edit this option if it is not too much complicated for you ? I would eternally be grateful to you for it ! Thank you advance
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