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  1. Free

    PERSCOM Soldier Management System

    PERSCOM is a versatile soldier management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group to help military or civilian based groups manage members, track progress and improve operational efficiencies. The system contains multiple features that help units reduce “clutter” work and helps all members get back to what matters most, the goals of the group and its associated community. PERSCOM is constantly evolving and new features are being developed.
    Feature Requests and Bug Reports: Click here to file a bug report or suggest a feature for our development team.
    NOTE: PERSCOM ships using a development license. This development license only allows you to upload a set amount of data. To remove the quota limits, please purchase a license key here.
    Current Features: 
    Enlistment application, fully customizable and automated personnel processing system.  Activity tracker module. Track who has contributed and put in the extra work.  Combat units and administrative units. Sort personnel based on function and purpose. Rosters. Sort personnel and group them based on a large group of available factors.  Records management system. Keep track of every transaction that affects a soldier.  Weapons and qualifications module. Assign custom qualifications to your soldiers. Included rank icons from the most popular military branches.  Fully integrates with Invision Power Board forum system. Personnel Action Request system. Build custom forms for personnel to submit. Track the submissions and handle on a case-by-case basis. Powerful notification system. Stay up-to-date on everything that happens behind the scenes. Custom document system. Create rich documents and integrate them will every aspect of PERSCOM. Awards system. Create awards and assign them to personnel. Automated group management. Move forum members from group to group based on their PERSCOM group affiliations. Operations center. Give a place for your personnel to view all essential information in one location. 


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  2. $20.00

    AWS Simple Email Service

    This simple lightweight application allows you to send emails from the Invision Power Board platform through the AWS Simple Email Service API. This application sits on top of your configured email delivery methods and overrides your default settings. With the click of one button, enable and disable the service. The application also features powerful logs to help diagnose delivery issues and improve throughput and deliverability.
    Amazon SES is one of the most robust and cheapest transactional email service providers on the market. While this application is extremely lightweight and easy to configure, most of the work to correctly set up will occur within the AWS Console. Follow the following steps to correctly configure AWS to send emails.
    NOTE: When you initially begin to use AWS Simple Email Service, you will be in a non-production, sandbox environment allowing you to test the email service without affecting your deliverability and reputation. Once you are ready to enter production, you will need to request access from AWS under the Sending Statistics section. The form is self-explanatory and will not be covered here.
    Feature Requests and Bug Reports: Click here to file a bug report or suggest a feature for our development team.
    View AWS Simple Email Service Pricing
    Create or Sign In to your AWS Console. Proceed to the IAM section of the AWS Console. On the left, select the Users section and add a new user. If you already have a user you would like to use, proceed to the next step. Enable programmatic access for the user account. Attach the AmazonSESFullAccess policy to the user account. Finish creating the account, adding any tags you'd like for easy identification. Copy and paste your Access Key and Secret Key into the corresponding fields within the Invision Power Board ACP settings. Proceed to the AWS Simple Email Service section of the AWS console. Select your closest region in the top right corner. Copy the corresponding region identifier and input it into the corresponding field within the Invision Power Board ACP settings. Save your Invision Power Board ACP settings. Back within the AWS Console, select Domains -> Verify a New Domain to add the domain you wish to send emails from. Make sure to check the "Generate DKIM Settings" checkbox. This will help with your deliverability. Update your DNS records for the domain you are verifying by adding the TXT and CNAME records that are presented.  Make sure to not update the MX records as this will affect your ability to receive the emails. We are only configuring sending emails. Once the domain has been verified, you are ready to start sending emails. While in the sandbox environment, you will need to add your test receiving email address under the Email Addresses section or else you will receive a sending error. Once everything is configured, proceed back to the Invision Power Board ACP and proceed to Email Settings. You can use the built in Test Email Settings feature to test AWS SES. You will see the corresponding logs under the AWS SES application and any generated errors. 

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  3. $15.00

    IPS Application Manager

    Let your customers know when there's an update and improve your engagement!
    The IPS Application Manager provides a useful tool for developers to create a RESTful interface to handle update/version checking for their applications. Whether the application was developed on the IPS platform or third-party software, the IPS Application Manager allows you to quickly add applications, manage their updates and configure a REST API that returns information on the application. Simply put, this application creates an update check URL for you that allows your application to consume regularly scheduled updates checks and allowing you to inform a user when they need to update their application.

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  4. Free

    Reseller Hosting cPanel Integration for IPB

    This lightweight plugins enables your Invision Power Board (IPB) software to act as a web hosting management platform for Reseller Hosting, similar to WHMCS. Unlike a Dedicated or VPS with root access, Reseller Hosting is a cheap alternative for web designers and administrators to host several websites using cPanel's Web Hosting Manager (WHM). Reseller Hosting is offered by many of the top web hosting companies. IPB does not natively support cPanel/WHM accounts without root access thus making resell hosting through IPB difficult. This plugin allows you the ability specify a package/plan name that you've created in WHM and assign it to a hosting product within Commerce. Hosting account quotas such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, database accounts etc. are managed through each plan you create within WHM.
    Popular Reseller Hosting Companies
    Bluehost ResellerClub Hostgator A2hosting Siteground Requirements: A reseller web hosting account with WHM/cPanel.
    Open Source Repository (GitHub): https://github.com/DeschutesDesignGroupLLC/ResellerHostingPlugin


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  5. $8.00

    Slack Notifications

    Integrate Your Community Into The Workplace!
    Bring together your Invision Power Board community with the ultimate collaboration hub for your team! Slack Notifications leverages the internal notification system of Invision Power Board to relay all your important notifications to your Slack account. Slack Notifications works on the frontend notification system and allows your community members to add as many slack channels as they want, routing all their notifications to multiple channels, all from within Invision Power Board. This application is plug and play and allows your community to customize and configure their notifications independently of one another.
    Slack Notifications can also work with third party notifications and be integrated into custom applications for Developers. 

    The Slack Notification class extends \IPS\Notification and works as a hook within the send() method. The Slack Notifications class constructor depends on an \IPS\Notification injection and can be optionally configured with several other parameters. See the documentation below for more information and example case use.
    Slack Notification Class Constructor
    namespace IPS\slack\Notification; /** * Slack Constructor * * @param \IPS\Notification $notification The notification used to construct the slack notification * @param null $title The notification title. If not used, the notification text will be used. * @param null $pretext Optional pretext. Will default to basic notification string. * @param null $text Optional text. Not used if nothing is passed. * @param \IPS\Url|NULL $url Optional URL for the title. If not used, the notification link will be used. * @param array $fields Optional fields. Example: array( 'title' => 'Field 1', 'value' => 'Test Value' ); */ public function __construct( \IPS\Notification $notification, $title=NULL, $pretext=NULL, $text=NULL, \IPS\Http\Url $url=NULL, $fields=array() ) { // Set class properties $this->title = $title; $this->pretext = $pretext == NULL ? \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack( 'slack_notifications_auto_pretext', FALSE, array( 'sprintf' => array( \IPS\Settings::i()->board_name ) ) ) : $pretext; $this->text = $text; $this->url = $url; $this->fields = $fields; $this->notification = $notification; } Example (Using native Notification class)
    // Example of a \IPS\Content item $notification = new \IPS\Notification( \IPS\Application::load('core'), 'notification_key', $this->item(), array( $this ) ); $notification->recpients->attach( \IPS\Member::loggedIn() ); $notification->send(); Example (Send only a Slack Notification)
    // Example of a \IPS\Content item $notification = new \IPS\Notification( \IPS\Application::load('core'), 'notification_key', $this->item(), array( $this ) ); $notification->recpients->attach( \IPS\Member::loggedIn() ); $slack = new \IPS\slack\Notification\Slack( $notification ); $slack->sendSlackNotifications();  

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  6. $10.00

    Ask A Question Plugin

    The Ask A Question plugin provides a simple plug-in-play utility for the Invision Power Board system that adds a small call-to-action form in the bottom right corner of your website. Use this plugin to direct users to a message, contact or support form on your website. The plugin is completely configurable and can be customized to match your website.
    Text size, alignment, weight, and color Font awesome icons Background color and transparency/opacity Form URL link

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