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  1. Fabulous, this is the first time I have support so fast! Best regards
  2. I just acquired this plug-ins but it makes me lose the last_post link... In the state I do not intend to use it. Would it be possible to add the base Invision link on the last_post (/?do=getLastComment) on the date of the last user post? Otherwise is it possible by modifying templates? Regards
  3. Hello Matt, There are some really big SEO mistakes with the 4.4... For instance with the homepage of the clubs: You added a meta canonical with the URL without parameters. But the homepages of clubs force the URL with parameter "/?do=overview" via a 301 redirect. So now, the homepage of my clubs are de-indexed from Google results. Not sure we can call these problems "SEO improvements"...
    This plugins works well with Latin characters but causes problems on others while original SVG on special characters work well. Example : data:image/svg+xml,<svg%20xmlns%3D"http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg"%20viewBox%3D"0%200%201024%201024"%20style%3D"background%3A%236298c4"><g><text%20text-anchor%3D"middle"%20dy%3D".35em"%20x%3D"512"%20y%3D"512"%20fill%3D"%23ffffff"%20font-size%3D"700"%20font-family%3D"-apple-system%2C%20BlinkMacSystemFont%2C%20Roboto%2C%20Helvetica%2C%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif">%D8%AF<%2Ftext><%2Fg><%2Fsvg>
  4. The content between <time></time> is empty : <time datetime="2019-03-03T10:25:43Z" title="03/03/2019 11:25 " data-short="2 j"></time>
  5. We have exactly the same problem also with a french website
  6. I don't understand why you have change and add parameter to the main uri of clubs in IPS 4.4 : When the link is : https://invisionalpha.com/clubs/5-windows-club/ The final URI is : https://invisionalpha.com/clubs/5-windows-club/?do=overview It's really not optimal for SEO ... Why ?
    Purchased and deleted immediately: Page's generation time is multiplied by 5 as soon as this app is activated regardless of the options and even without any path. Without app With Advanced Path Aliases 214 ms 1.04 s 375 ms 1.96 s 427 ms 2.24 s 728 ms 3.9 s
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