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  1. to have personal messages that aren't extra clicks away in the personal messages
  2. I'm actually looking for something very similar to OP, but my community was used to vbulletin and the ability to also leave comments on reactions. I wanted to see if there was a plugin or what the best way for me to build something that does that.
  3. bumping for the incredible tip. This drastically reduces page load times and should be integrated with the lazy load feature in IPS 4.5 or 4.6 when it comes out. Really simple change to the templates made a major difference.
  4. Well they won't put you on news or discover without CWV scores being high. Discover and news drive insane traffic and are viewable from your google dashboard, also if you had google analytics or any other statistics it would be pretty easy to see the ingress from search and not from direct. Are you implying that all of the sudden his content got more useful? I'm pretty sure he's implying that a lot of content that got deranked is now top hit ranked.
  5. Can you guys not just give us a code snippet to re-enable via plugin instead of in the base code? Removing functionality "because we don't want to support it anymore for large deployments" is really not a great answer. By the way I run a large community and we didn't have performance issues due to this.
  6. I'm interested in a plugin to re-enable this functionality as well. Our community while large was not having any performance issues with displaying the next unread topic title underneath the button.
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