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  1. Does this plugin still work with the latest version?
  2. I am talking to a developer about creating our own. If I can get it done, I will share it with you.
  3. Is this plugin still getting any development/support? I really need this integration. Been trying to find someone on Fiverr to code it for me.
  4. See my updated post just above yours. I am showing you the layout I am trying to accomplish. I am going to see about getting a developer to create it for me.
  5. Yes, I have it as grid layout, that is not the issue. It's that I have a page that has the main forum landing page which is laid out with categories. Then it shows subforums and to get to those you have to click in and go a level deeper. Then from there you go into each individual topic taking you even another level deeper. I am wanting to do something like this: This would make it all so much easier to navigate and get rid of a TON of wasted space on the top of the pages.
  6. Hey team! I really love this software. The experience is great for SO many things. The only thing I am having issues with is layout and UI. It seems redundant to have to always have a forum category, then a forum then a topic. I would love for my forums to be laid out in a grid based on FORUMS and not have to have top level categories. It just adds another block that I personally don't feel is needed. I like the way invision has their forums laid out on the home page: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/ However, when you look at mine, they do not look like this. I have a subforum section (https://geekslife.com/geeks) showing that pushes all the content down almost below the fold. I would much rather see all the content up as close to the nav bar as possible. That way people see content sooner which will encourage them to stay. I want my forum to be ALL images with image headers on each CATEGORY as well, if I am going to be forced to use them. Does anyone know if this is possible, or know of any plugins etc that would allow me to make the forums much more visual, and eliminate the extra step? If I could eliminate FORUM and go right to topics or eliminate CATEGORY and go right to forums that would help. Thanks!
  7. It really doesn't matter what they see really. Invision really doesn't have any feature that's a good landing page for members. You either have all the forums, which can be very overwhelming for a new member to see as they're not always sure where to jump in. It's like standing next to a spinning merry go round. They want to ride but are scared to just jump on. I tried creating a newsfeed for them to land on based on status updates, but this too wasn't working because you can't comment, like or interact directly on the feed. We ended up connecting our site to WordPress so that we could create a dashboard that shows them all the stuff they have access to. It's been working great. So as you develop the new version, please think about the new user experience and ways we can help new people have a better experience. We do love InvisionCommunity though. It's the best one out here. 🖖👽
  8. They could but that's not very efficient. I'm looking for them to be able to add individual events to their Google calendar just by clicking a link.
  9. Is there a way to allow people to add events to their google calendars? I am shocked this isn't a native feature from IPS. We have many community members who use Google Calendar, and Android phones. Is this possible with your app?
    Just added this to my site today, and it adds so much to the look and feel of the notifications! GREAT work! I like that I CAN customize them, but I don't want to. They look great right out of the box! 🙂
  10. Still seems to be working as normal for me. When you say "last upgrade" when was this? If it was quite recent, I will wait to update :)
  11. We really work hard to nurture our community. Out of all the choices we had to build our community on, IPS made the most sense, as it has some amazing features. I just wish from the core, the developers would think more about DISCOVERY and ease of finding information, as well as navigation. The whole 3-4 clicks to get anywhere, and then have to scroll all over hoping to find a link BACK is crazy. We can only do the awesome things you said in your article WITH the right tools to keep community members happy. I do not at all regret my decision to move our community here, but I do want to really work with the devs here to focus in on what is MOST important. The way that I always approach UI is ask myself, what are the 20 things people do MOST on the site. Knowing those 20 things, I make those the easiest to find and do. And then I build backward from there. Now that those things are easy, how can I stack without losing that flow. It seems like development on here is more about the functionality of the plugins. Which IS important, don't get me wrong, but you can have all the amazing features in the world...but if navigation and discovery are hard...then those things don't matter. Anyway, sorry for the rant on your post. It is just that I can see you think the same way we do. I want to know that we made the right choice to move our AWESOME community here. 🙂
  12. I am not sure why the gallery likes etc are laid out totally different than they are on forums etc. Doesn't look like they need to be at all. It just makes for a poor user experience, as it does not look good. Would be great if you could keep those elements consistent site wide so that people aren't confused when they get there. Is there a reason that they are set up the way they are?
  13. Downloaded this today, and for some reason, I keep getting an error saying my BOT doesn't have the correct permissions, when it has every permission possible. I can see the chatroom that people are able to join in the dropdown, but when connecting get the error... https://gl.d.pr/Mxyntd That's the error I am getting. Any ideas?
  14. Our users haven't had any issues at all, and none of them are gamers. They are all small business owners. Even older people (60+) are using it and liking it. 🙂
  15. Wow! Says this is easy to set up. Not finding that to be the case. Is there a guide anywhere? This seems very confusing, as it is not clear how to add the bot to my Discord server...
  16. @Makoto if we already have a discord server, and we embed this to work with specific rooms, would the permissions of that room not be picked up in the embed to not allow "guests" to chat, and only allow it via roles set to the person that is logged in? I plan to use another app called Brilliant Discord to handle the roles/member levels...and your app to embed the chat on our pages. Should this not work? Thanks in advance!
  17. I am in need of the same thing. Can't use it otherwise. 😞
  18. Discord is in no way JUST for gamers. We are not gamers and use it, and I know MANY content creators who use Discord for their communities as well. It has everything that you are looking for if you use apps to connect it to your community to bring members in based on their member levels on IPS. You should relook at Discord. 🙂
  19. This doesn't seem to have any affect on my profile images. Hmmm...I wonder why? I am also trying to make them Facebook size so that people know what to create.
  20. INdeed you did, and it is working as it should now. One thing I would like to be able to change, but other than that great 🙂 Great support man!
  21. Can you reply to mine? I am having nothing but issues with the plugin unfortunately, and need it taken care of. We were supposed to launch our site tomorrow, but this is delaying it. I am trying to see if the IPS default oAuth will work so that we can get our site going. Thanks in advance @stoo2000
  22. I am trying to figure out how to pass user variables in URLS that I can link them to. For instance, I would like to be able to create a link that I can send in an email with variables so that if they click, it goes to their profile. I know I can do this in the IPS bulk emailer, but I am using a 3rd party email platform. I tried this, but it didn't work: https://cre8live.com/profile/{member_id}-{member_name} Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. I think I may have figured it out. A video would be nice 🙂 I think these are going to look great! THANKS for the quick response.
  24. I already have SuperGrid, and would like to get this new one as well, but I just cannot seem to figure out how these work. I cannot find good documentation on how to set them up anywhere. Can you provide anything? I would really like to set my site up to look this good.
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