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  1. will this work with 4.6 ok?
  2. Anyone use this with 4.6 yet?
  3. is this app ok to use with 4.6?
  4. is this app compatible with 4.6?
  5. This plugin seems to be a little broken in v4.5.4, when enabled it displays fine, but i am not able to edit any other newly added blocks on the page. When I disable it, adding blocks works as it should.
  6. any update on the update to 4.5?
  7. i'v been using the monthly scheduler
  8. When I check for updates on the Invision community applications tab it does not show that there are updates available when there is on the market place. Please fix this is as it works for the other applications I have.
  9. needs a better way to edit the name of the competetion , not just go in to the tools and edit the strings.
  10. how do you change the name from "photo of the month" to something else?
  11. TowZone

    Forum Sidebar

    is this app ready for 4.4?
  12. is this plug in ready for 4.4?
  13. TowZone

    Forum Sidebar

    is this ready for 4.3?
  14. Is this ok to use on 4.3?
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