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  1. Hello @Pete T I download .zip archive version 1.0.8 but i see version 1.0.3 of the XLM file. It is a good version of this file ? Thank you ?
  2. Ahh you're right, I try with an another version of Invision Community (4.2.7) and it's good.. It's an encoding error with the new version of Invision (4.3).
  3. It's here : With previous update 1.0.4 i don't have this error.
  4. Hello @TheJackal84 I have an error with an 'apostrophe character'. It is possible to fix this ? Thank you ?
  5. Thank you for the details ?
  6. Oh, i'm sorry. It is the Leaderboard Page (app=core&module=discover&controller=popular&tab=leaderboard) Thank you
  7. Hello @Adriano Faria How can I hide/delete this links in the "Ranking Page". Thank you in advance.
  8. @TheJackal84 Hi, I found 4 words which are not translatable via the panel. • Show Password (button when you use a Forum Password item) • Change (button when you use a Change Title/Username item) • You have "X" points (when you click on one category in item shop page) • Categories Thank you
    Good app, good developer, good job
  9. I agree with @David .. , first is better Thank you for fix mobile view @Pete T
  10. @TheJackal84 If i want add a new purchase (example : a fourth Mystery Box or another default item) it is possible ? I want to create an another default item cheaper for VIP members . Thank you
  11. Hi @TheJackal84, It is possible to re-display items description with table view please ? With 1.0.3 update, only grid view display the description. Thank you
  12. Hello, I have already had this bug I think that's because in the file data/lang.xml you have two string : ms_Redeem and ms_redeem If that can help you @TheJackal84
  13. Hi @TheJackal84 Thank you for this awesome app ! I found a bug when you try to edit a question. Thank you
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