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  1. Im bumping this thread. I would really love to see an option in ACP settings: Enable only for phone devices. I mean i could use my fully customized theme for dekstop, and the lite theme responsive for phone devices, it would be great for all of the websites, and most people want something like this here too. 🙂
    OMG THIS THEME IS SICK!!!!!! I WOULD GIVE 10 STARS FOR THIS THEME IF I WOULD BE ABLE TO The amount of options you can customize your theme is INSANE. It's very well coded theme, forum works very clean and fast, i tried many themes but this one is probably the best. Best things i found for myself: The Slider looks absolutely beautiful, never seen that before, and it just works. The footer is insane as well, very readable, and good for eyes. Forum row looks fantastic and the animations are insane too. Editing theme is very easy, and not complicated even newbie can do it himself. Renewal is only 6 dollars per month, it's absolutely nothing for this theme.... The support from author is very good as well, so don't bother to ask him for help with the theme. You won't be dissapointed.
    Well, what can i say! Author is super helpful, and i recommend that application 100%! No bugs, no server lagging, just perfect to use. Functions are great and it just fits all the needs 🙂
    Good app, but just stopped working. Waiting everytime 10-30 days for reply is annoying, and now after it stopped working propery the app is useless.. If author would be more flexible with answering and supporting the people i would give 5 stars... I'm waiting for answer since June 28 and it's July 22..
    The application is great, the support from the owner is great as well. Completely love it, my community love it as well :D. Thank you for your time to create this fantastic app :)
  2. I appreciate it, just purchased the app, gonna post if i find something wrong :) Thank you.
  3. This file is not currently available for purchase. Im not blind :)
  4. If anyone have problem with curriences in top donors / profile. The problem only exist if you have 2 curriences, for example EURO AND PLN(POLISH ZŁOTY). 1 euro = 4.27 PLN If someone donates 10 EURO, in top donors weekly it says only 10 pln instead of 40.value. And to your profile is added only 10 pln as well. Here is a fix for that. Path to file applications/donate/widgets/donateTopDonors.php Find this foreach ( \IPS\Db::i()->select( array( 'member_id', 'amount' ), 'donate_users', $where ) as $donation ) { if ( !isset( $topDonors[ $donation['member_id'] ] ) ) { $topDonors[ $donation['member_id'] ] = $donation['amount']; } else { $topDonors[ $donation['member_id'] ] += $donation['amount']; } } Change it to this foreach ( \IPS\Db::i()->select( array( 'member_id', 'amount', 'rate' ), 'donate_users', $where ) as $donation ) { $donation['amount'] *= $donation['rate']; if ( !isset( $topDonors[ $donation['member_id'] ] ) ) { $topDonors[ $donation['member_id'] ] = $donation['amount']; } else { $topDonors[ $donation['member_id'] ] += $donation['amount']; } } Those changes you need to apply in profile code and everywhere. To make to work propery. I want to mention the goal update is working fine, just top donors and $ added to your profile is not working good.
  5. Funny, because the problem was caused by nginx, when i was using hybrid mode, or nginx mode it never worked, i was not sure why Hybrid = Static files will work from nginx and dynamic files works from apache When i switched to proxy mode so Proxy = Nginx works as a proxy server in front of apache. .htaccess rules works Everything work now as normall, i don't know if IPS is suitable fully for nginx, so the best way to use it is as the proxy mode.
  6. Hello, when i do test donation via ACP, it creates the topic and everything, but when someone send me donation via donate GOAL, its not working, goal is no updating and nothing happens, topic don't create at all. I get the money, but nothing is happening on the website, i use the latest version. // Got it working.
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