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  1. Although someone has already translated it and sold it on the Marketplace, you can find that these translations are often incomplete and inaccurate! so, I was wondering if IPS can let a professional translation company translate your products? for example: www.sdl.com, www.stepes.com, www.gengo.com or www.todaytranslations.com…all are excellent professional translation companies! some of my colleagues used IPS under my recommendation. They all think Invision Community is great, but they suffer from not having excellent Chinese translation and Chinese search capabilities, causing them to finally give up IPS. if IPS company can solve multilingual problems, then I think IPS can attract customers from different countries! At the same time, customers no longer give up IPS for language problems! Finally attached a chart, I hope useful to your Sincerely, china2017
  2. I hope your products are getting better and better Continue to refuel it I am a fan from China
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