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  1. Should I wish to use this for 'giveaways' only, do I need the commerce module?
  2. I'm desperate for someone to create an SSO solution for 'Eve Online' boards. A gaming community with great number of IP Board forums. Ideally, an SSO to replace the existing login/registration handler using the developers SSO solution: https://esi.tech.ccp.is/latest/ The SSO can check and pass the users 'corporation history' through: https://esi.tech.ccp.is/latest/#!/Character/get_characters_character_id_corporationhistory If that player is in the correct Corporation, register him at the lowest membership level consider interval checks to see if that player is still in the Corporation and remove them if not Combined with the awesome TeamSpeak app - this would then complete the full suite! If anyone would consider looking at the above solution, funds for payment are available and I'm sure a great number of Ipboard /Eve player corporations would purchase future downloads from the market place.
  3. Hope you're having  a great weekend?

    MiniOrange developed a great SSO linked Eve Online with Wordpress.


    Might you know/consider developing a similar solution for IP Board?

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