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  1. Oooh, I like that @Ocean West, especially for templates without fluid frontpage support
  2. Can I vote for (in random order): 1) Order/Categorise emoticons - to be able to put custom board emoji's on top of the list, above the native/general ones 2) An domain white/black list on the image-cache for images that should not be cached (e.g. so called tickers in signatures for example) 3) Be able to disable content on unread / activity-streams of open clubs which you not (!) have joined
  3. Hey @Matt, do you have any more thoughts on this matter? Or - in general - what is the regular way of getting such ideas within the IPS radar? Regardless if it gets implemented or not, any IPS response is preferred over just praying.
  4. That is actually the only thing that makes sense after all. The only reason one would add custom smileys, is because you want them to be used. It doesn't make any sense to list them miles away in the dungeons of the smileys.
  5. We're struggling with the same issue. Even the "Replace :short_codes: with emoji?" and "Replace text with emoji?" do not work as expected when turning off default smileys. Putting the custom emoji's on top (favorable) or being able to disable some of the default categories would make a huge difference.
    Awesome, much appreciated
  6. Thank you for your replay @opentype, I figured "Feedback and Ideas" would be the best board for feature requests. Apparently not... Furthermore you're right. We could apply a cache time, but one of our main purposes of the cache is images not disappearing from our boards, after the source has been removed. So considering pros and cons it is not really what we're looking for.
  7. A year has passed and it still seems weird that we're quite alone on this one. A small exclusion list, on which you can add domains to not be cached by the imageproxy would be great. Not only to use tickers, but plenty other sites share information through images and update those images over time.
  8. No one else? I don't want to be an annoying bumper, but I had expected more replies, ideas, thoughts on this subject. Bummer.
  9. Next question is, how do we get some attention from a developer? Or are their other possibilities? It is quite easy to let a cronjob do the dirty work and delete any cached image from domain whatever.com. But I have a feeling that that will at least break the images in their relative post, but it even might screw up the complete cache server. Another idea ... instead of a white/black-list, an attribute as image option as a kind of (cache) opt-out, would do as well.
  10. Or you may call it a blacklist, depending on your perspective. Thing is (even though I hate it), lots of our member have a ticker-image running in their footer. But these are not updated anymore due to the image-cache (which works brilliant besides this issue). what would help is a option for a small list of "whitelisted domains". Images from those domains will not be cached. Problem solved, everybody happy Sounds like a plan?
  11. Is there a full list of current embeds available?
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