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  1. Are you sure it is still running @jesuralem? Can you see it in background processes? As we can't (reason why I'm here). The recount has finished, but front-end isn't showing them. Tried it twice by now. Front-end profiles keeps showing "Ranks are being recalculated. We'll show your current rank here soon" and no badges are shown. In the admin panel, users are distributed over badges and ranks, All background processes are completed and the re-count button is available again.
  2. So far nothing back from TapaTalk on my ticket ....
  3. Oooh, I like that @Ocean West, especially for templates without fluid frontpage support
  4. Thank you once more @bfarber. Out of interest, is IPS aware of the issue? I mean, I'm not looking for a TT-feature, TT is bypassing IPS logs and therefore security on post edits. I've opened a support ticket with Tapatalk ... we'll see. Courtesy mention: @tapatalk
  5. Can I vote for (in random order): 1) Order/Categorise emoticons - to be able to put custom board emoji's on top of the list, above the native/general ones 2) An domain white/black list on the image-cache for images that should not be cached (e.g. so called tickers in signatures for example) 3) Be able to disable content on unread / activity-streams of open clubs which you not (!) have joined
  6. Not yet @AlexWebsites Mainly because I don't like them, but as well as I was curious if somebody here could confirm or has similar experiences. But yes, I will ask for some support over there.
  7. We're running latest IPS (v4.4.10) and tapatalk plugin (v1.6.3) and it came to our notice that tapatalk users can edit their posts without any logging. No entry in the moderation logs, no comment underneath their post that it has been editted. If the tapatalk has moderator rights (or higher), he can edit any post of any user without any form of logging. Very unwanted behaviour and yes - I should probably seek for support with tapatalk, but they probably don't care as much as we/us/IPS-users do. At least, see it as a warning, but any help would me more than welcome. Can't wait till a stable production version of the IPS app is available...
  8. Hi all, Topic title says it all. On our board the Facebook Login & Registration plugin has been enabled for several years. I prefer to step away from it, but before I disable it, I'm curious to the impact it will have on our users with an active connection. Will they still be able to log in? If so, with which password? What can do to make the transition as comfortable as possible? Thank you in advance!
  9. Thank you for your reply @Adriano Faria, I guess I have to live with it, as it's not my board and I won't be able to install any plugins or so. Have to be honest and say I found it weird there is no such URL available. Seems quite basic to me. I give up and rest my case.
  10. That does include topic replies unfortunately Like this @Daniel F It is showing all the topics that have been replied to (you in this case) in the last some minutes
  11. Thank you @lilnina, but that is not a default-page you can call on any forum running IPS, right? That is kind of mandatory, as I don't own that one site I'm talking about.
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