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  1. Add These Features As It Progresses: - More Widgets - Better Stats (i mean like visual stats , numeric load looks good but what if there was a meter showing value is good, bad etc) - Weekly reports by email - Convenience of setting into maintenance mode right from the page by adding a button next to status (restricted to certain member groups such as "mayors" [mayors are like super moderators but are a separate member group] in my case) ----> make this a higher priority than others since this is a big convenience and my mayors work under me, so they cant be administrators and access AdminCP besides they dont know how to use IPB - Ajax Refresh For Values(Refresh Values Through AJAX) - Better Widget Presentation (No Offense But Current Widget Looks Boring and Unattractive If You See Through An Eye Of Customer (Non-Technical Person))
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    Too Good! And Free ? Lol Awesome Mate! Make More !
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