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  1. Hi Guys! The rank progress bar and the percentage information are not displayed. I tried to disable all plugins, removed all the additional css code and changed the template to the default one, but the bar still does not appear 😞 Did any of you have a similar problem? Thanks in advance!
    Great App. We waiting for 4.6 update 😉
  2. Hello I have a question. It will be possible to provide push notifications for new articles on the portal in the pages application? And will these notifications then be displayed on the phone with a thumbnail of the article-photo? And , we will be able to ask users if they want to receive notifications about new articles? Thank you in advance for your answer guys!
  3. I have question about Membershop That apps can work toogether? After i install update, then i will have two points systems? It will works toogether?
  4. A co z Membershopem z @ Adriano Faria? Będzie się integrował?
  5. @Michael.J Or, Maybe you will give us update? Maybe you can integrate that app with commerce? Then we can use ll payments that we have configure on ACP. Greeting;s
  6. Hi @Martin A. I have question, how i can show widget map on my homepage? Thank's
  7. Hi, How i can add a stripe payment gateway? @Michael.J
    I highly recommend. Additionally, great and quick help from the author
  8. Hi, I buy i awards but the users can delete awards from another users... also they can edit reason of awards.. Where i can set permission that only administrator can manage awards? Thanks
    I just buy it and im verry heppy. Great support! Great app!
  9. Hello, i buy futureskill theme how i can configure and  run server list on homepage? 



    1. CodeBite


      You need to connect it to some application and display it using pages. It is currently in the form of html and css.

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