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  1. Yes, I upgraded to 4.6 this morning, UK time, it's working fine. : https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/classifieds/
  2. Does this work with 4.6 beta or do we need to wait for an update?
  3. We use this : Works perfectly on our forum : https://thewatchforum.co.uk
    Purchased but cannot use as it changes the original light theme colours of the user bar and background and several other colours. Is there anyway to keep our original theme original and still use this?
  4. How long before a working version with ipb4.4?
  5. Paypal now requires TLS1.2, we can force and test TLS1.2 on the server but the Paypal payment gateway always reverts to an older version. This means we can no longer take Paypal payments. Does anyone know how to force tls1.2 through the Paypal payment gateway? Thank You
  6. Slider name not showing even with Show Slider Name toggle on. Any ideas why this would be?
    Brilliant addition to our forum, well done Adriano our members love this.
  7. Haha - you replied to my topic on Tapatalk! (I'm Krispy!) Thank you so much - the issue is now resolved for us. Tapatalk have now come back to me and provided me with a new helper.php file to place in my mobiquo folder which has resolved the issue. They have confirmed this will be included in their next update.
  8. I agree entirely and yes, am awaiting further response from Tapatalk as they are saying it works in their test environment. Maybe I posted this in the wrong forum? I wasn't suggesting it's IPS's problem to fix, just wondered if anyone had encountered it and found a workaround.
  9. Can anyone help? We use the IP Gallery and members are able to post their Gallery Images into posts by using the Insert other media -> Insert existing attachment method. Images added this way don't display on Tapatalk, they appear as a broken image with part of the image URL displaying. When an image is added to a post from the gallery, the HTML looks like this: <p> <img alt="large.20160917_160008.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-extension="gallery_Images" data-fileid="http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/592-spork/" src="http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/gall...0008.jpg.52024126718bf9ea68e6e674ddd6ccf3.jpg"> </p> If you amend this HTML to be just: <p> <img alt="large.20160917_160008.jpg" src="http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/gall...0008.jpg.52024126718bf9ea68e6e674ddd6ccf3.jpg"> </p> ...the image displays correctly on Tapatalk. Because of this, I don't believe there's a permissions problem on the server, it seems like the additional class, data-extension and / or data-fileid attributes are causing the problem. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions for a way around it? It would be a shame to have to stop using the gallery or tapatalk.
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