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  1. Please do not make it so that when the feature is disabled users see any wording, strings, graphics, etc. that give them any indication that anonymous posting is a possibility. I can see where some admins may want the feature but for those that do not it should be completely disabled from view when disabled in the ACP
  2. @skizzerz Does this Anti-Spam plugin actually work to prevent people from signing up for an account, or prevent them from making posts on the forum?
  3. I am not a Web Designing or coding person but with a couple of minor CSS edits from replies by a couple other members here, I was able to pretty easily create a dark theme using the built-in tools. Having a slider to switch could probably also be coded by someone more knowledgeable in Web design but click to change theme is not all that hard either and once set not too many are actually toggling back and forth. Most seem to set it and leave it.
  4. Thanks @bfarber The Downloads meaning Marketplace just not intuitive but thanks for pointing it out.
  5. Unless the Marketplace is referenced differently here on the forums, I don't see an obvious way to restrict my search returns to the Market place. In custom search I don't see an option for Marketplace to restrict my search to that area of the fourms.
  6. We were using CleanTalk to block and prevent spammers and it was working very well for us until IPS upgraded to version 4.5 and the plugin then needed to modified into an Application instead of a Plugin. I'm not sure what all is involved but it looks like CleanTalk is struggling with making it work with IPS 4.5x I don't know about the rest of you but with using CleanTalk we probably got about 2 spammers a week that got through. Now with CleanTalk gone we are slowly creeping back up and at times now get a dozen spammers getting through every day. Last year we also imported a huge email domain not-allowed list that helped a lot but adding CleanTalk made a night and day difference and after a few weeks of training we went from 50 or more spam posts per day to maybe 2 a week or less. What are other using to help prevent Spammers from posting? The IPS Spam Defense just is not cutting it. It does catch some but not many. IPS Spam Defense has blocked just over 20 million threats, spammers. https://invisioncommunity.com/features/spam/ Akismet has blocked over 500 Billion threats, spammers. https://akismet.com/ https://blog.akismet.com/ Has anyone used this plugin below? What are your thoughts about it? Support Anti-Spam 1.0.0 Personally I'd like to see IPS step up their game. If CleanTalk was able to make a huge spam issue almost disappear as a plugin I'd think IPS knowing their code intimately would be able to do the same thing for their own product and thus helping all their customers achieve a much higher success rate at blocking spammers. Suggestions and feedback welcome on what you're using to help prevent Spam posters. Thank you
  7. Actually I would hope that IPS has code to prevent a count up in the case of such a tool as it should be considering the cookie as well. Almost a security issue or close to it if it's allowing that.
  8. The current Reputation and Reaction feature could use some enhancements. Currently it's either ON or OFF. It does allow Groups to be excluded which is good. We would like to see the following additional features added at some point soon in the future Reputations - Filter by Forums, On/Off per forum Reputations - Exclude by Member, On/Off Reactions - Customizable count for maximum reactions in a set period of time on per User level
  9. Thank you @Adriano Faria Great that there are plugins for such things but to me this is or should be core functionality. If IPS does not agree, then at some point when your plugin is updated we may have to look at purchasing
  10. The current Saved Actions cannot be reordered by alphanumeric, date, etc. Nor can they be graphically moved similar to how forums can be moved by drag-n-drop I would like to suggest the ability to move the Saved Actions similar to how forums can be, and/or other methods of sorting. As they are now, once created they stay in that order which is not always optimal or a desired outcome
  11. Until such an option is available, Windows users can add support for free. https://www.howtogeek.com/680690/how-to-install-free-hevc-codecs-on-windows-10-for-h.265-video/
  12. http://youtube-nocookie.com/ Updated Date: 2019-12-22T10:37:46Z Creation Date: 2009-01-23T20:25:05Z Registry Expiry Date: 2021-01-23T20:25:05Z OrgName: Google LLC OrgId: GOGL Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway City: Mountain View StateProv: CA PostalCode: 94043 Video with Privacy Enhanced Moded (NoCookie URL) are broken https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/39052306?hl=en Embed videos & playlists https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/171780?hl=en YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters Add YouTube functionality to your sites and apps. https://developers.google.com/youtube
  13. That's already been supported for years now. I believe he wants to have some sort of built-in audio/video creation tool. To be hosted only on their site maybe? On your own site, with your own hosted video you can decide who sees it and who does not. Very little decision on who sees your stuff on YouTube
  14. Nothing wrong with new features, good suggestion I'm sure. However, audio and video can very quickly increase data storage requirements as well as load times. I'm sure something could be done to easily address load times but disk space is another matter. Though it's in the Cloud it still takes up a lot of space especially as the site becomes more popular and more and more people use such a feature. Would you be willing to pay an additional data storage fees and bandwidth fees if you're hosting with IPS?
  15. Go check out how many apps Slack supports today, hundreds. Come back in 5 years from now and tell me how many of those same companies that are so "modern" are still in business. I'll bet you at least 30% or more go out of business. It takes a lot more than being modern to sustain and keep customers. [oh, and let me spell it out. No, I did not say that in some attempt to have you put back some old feature, my point is please try to be respectful to your customers as well as build good software] I really wasn't even going to reply again because it's like beating a dead horse...
  16. Thanks @Ehren Wasn't wanting it to look like your site but like the same similar layout look as the "Default" but with the Dark Theme applied. It's white on my site and layout isn't anything like the Default. All good though, once I'm ready to dig in and actually edit it I'll head on over to your site for support if needed. Thank you again for the reply
  17. Thanks @LoPoSt it works, though the border is so thin that it requires a magnifying glass to see the change.
  18. The editor is cool, but sadly so many areas that it does not support. I hope they update it to support many more areas of Themes Without doing in CSS I'm not sure it can be done or not. I was not able to find either.
  19. Actually, we care very much who the author is and in some forums if you're not part of Staff or the Author your post will be moved, or deleted. So yes, we do care very much and had a plugin for it before but now that it is supported natively we no longer use the plugin.
  20. We were getting over 100 spam posts per day a couple years ago. We didn't use it for Guests as you intend here, but none the less it helped cut down the spam posts greatly. Now we may get a dozen or less per week. We used Clean Talk for it. It used to be in the Marketplace but doesn't seem to be anymore for some reason, but it is working well on the latest 4.5.2 version. https://cleantalk.org/ Takes a few days to get it setup and managed but once you've taken the time to "train" it the program turns out to be one of the best we've used before.
  21. Agreed, I have the same issue. Searching in Files does not return the image either. Not a huge issue at the moment but if it were porn or violence that would not be good as you don't have a quick and easy way to find and remove it.
  22. I can understand not wanting to use or support static post number @BankFodder as I used that plugin too but we did have several users complain because we told them to review certain post numbers from memorized posts but it turns out that due to spammers, edits, moves, etc. that the post number was not accurate. By using this ID: number regardless of what happens to the post the numbering won't get messed up. It might not be in the topic thread anymore but you cannot reference an invalid post number which is what we have had happen quite a few times. But we do run a support site not a general purpose site so we do have a lot of mods, editing, moving, etc. Supporting the ability to Enable / Disable showing the ID: on the post from with the ACP would be nice, but it looks like that is not going to happen anytime soon.
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