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Downloads posted by kRSB

  1. $10.00

    Group Mention

    Compatible with IPB 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4
    This app allows you to tag/mention groups.  Want all members of specific groups to read a post? Simply tag the groups and all the members of these groups will then receive a notification (same behaviour as with user mentions).
    Customizable settings:
    Enable/Disable Choose who is allowed to mention groups Choose which groups can be mentioned

    159 purchases   435 downloads

       (7 reviews)


  2. $5.00

    Forums 2FA

    This plugins allows you to require members to have 2FA setup to view specific forums. Secure your important forum sections so only members who have setup 2FA can see.
    To install this app, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the upload plugin button and import the xml file.
    You can find the configuration under System-> Plugins -> Forums 2FA -> Edit
    Require members to have 2FA setup to view a specific forum Customise the error message

    2 purchases   4 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  3. $6.99

    Password Manager

    This app allows you to force members to change their passwords. Useful for monthly/.../yearly mandated password changes or after a security breach.
    To install this app, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Applications, click the Install button and import the tar file.
    You can find the configuration under members -> password mamanger in your Admin Panel.
    Force groups to change their password Force a specific member to change their password Undo the force for groups or specific members Don't allow user to change to the same password Display as a dialog or page (see screenshots) Customise the title and message

    24 purchases   36 downloads

       (1 review)


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