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  1. Love this plug in. Mad that I didn't find it sooner. haha Question.... should your block template look different than stock? It does not in my case... everything else is an improvement. Could be I'm not doing something right but can't figure out what. Your example pics don't cover blocks so I'm not sure. I'm hoping to improve my database record feed. Edit -- figured it out. Working. Would love to see an in-between look for the database feed block... like a listing with a thumbnail etc. I think the big graphics look better than a listing, but I don't see the description above it, such as "Most recent additions" or "Highest viewed .... " etc. so user knows that they are seeing in the feed.
    This Plug In worked exactly as stated.... it's a nice feature that should have been included with IPS in my opinion. The author/developer was VERY responsive to my questions and even added a few things to make it better as I implemented the plug-in. Well done.
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