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  1. Thank you. I was able to make #2 work. Would be tedious to do for each record page if I have hundreds of records. But it would be good for the category pages. Appreciate response.
  2. Thank you @Morrigan and @Sonya* for the replies. Appreciate your time. I'll do my best with your ideas. 🙂 I'm not a coder though. I actually paid a developer to create a widget that would allow me to drag and drop a custom block onto individual pages but it did not work. No matter what the input was, the software only showed a "1" . He thought it might be a core issue. So I guess I'll have to keep digging. I worry about tweaking themes because software updates caused a problem with the custom theme I had last time.
  3. When I drag a block onto a database page, the result is global to all records and categories. (every record in the database sees the same block). I'd like to add a specific custom block (such as ads) to a specific record or category so it is targeted. Is there a way to do this? I've tried several times without success. Thank you.
  4. I have 4.5.3. Still having the issue I mentioned above. Perhaps I'm doing something else wrong... ?
  5. @bfarber Any update as to when this will be fixed? I need to clarify too.... on my site I have both forum and database sections. It used to be that I could copy a member's write-up in the forum and paste it into a database section as a record. The text AND images would show up. ( The images were originally uploaded in forum). But now when I copy and paste, the images just show up as links.
  6. Having same issue! Look forward to that update!!! Thanks
  7. Ok thank you. Appreciate the info.
  8. I'm kind of stuck (or am I?). Bought domain through google, but with cloud version Invision set up to their name servers. But when I log into google domains... it says this: "It looks like you've changed your name servers. All settings for your domain (including website, email, synthetic records and resource records) are currently disabled. To enable these settings, you will need to restore the Google Domains name servers." ugh
  9. Thank you. For whatever reason, it's not working. I was able to create a new page, name it the file name provided by Google, turned off wrapper, pasted the provided html file content, enabled permissions for all to see.... but Google is unable to verify. Will keep working.
  10. - - > I'm Trying to verify my domain for Google's G suite. Google wants me to upload an html file they gave me to verify I own the site. Sounds easy, but I have the cloud version and pretty much don't see how to do this in the interface. I can add graphics, content, databases, etc, etc. But how do upload an html file? I've built the entire site/community using the built in wysiwyg tools, yet I don't know code or apparently some basics. Thanks will trade someone for graphics help. 🙂
  11. Any firefox experts out there? I realized some with firefox can and some can't. Not sure what version or setting is preventing it. Thanks
  12. Thank you. I tried... still not working in firefox. ugh
  13. Update: Can't view in Firefox, but looks fine in Safari. Weird.
  14. Was experimenting with Amazon Associates: Amazon native ads - with decent results. I'd copy the code from Amazon client side, and paste it into a custom HTML block, drag the block onto a page and it showed up perfectly. Now they won't show up at all doing same thing. My Amazon side is valid (just got a check actually). Did something change? Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. I want to offer a free subscription to those who have posted X number of articles in the database or posts. Is there a way I can pull a list of members with a breakdown of content count next to their names? (articles, posts, comments, etc)? Currently I can only find this data IF I go member by member, and click on content. For example, I can't see how many database records someone has done. When i go to the database in ACP, and choose database / "Manage Records", there is no sortable field for "members". (only title, date and category). Is anyone interested in developing a utility tool for this? Thanks.
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