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  1. @Adriano Faria I have a problem with the country flag icon alignment: The Alignment is fine when I have wide size of forum window, but when I reduce it to what you see on the screenshot the flag is moving a bit to the bottom. Do you know how to fix that or I have to contact with theme author?
    Usefull but I had to remove it because it's in conflict with the other plugin I'm using: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8980-group-colors-on-user-links/ Would be great if you can fix/prevent this conflict.
  2. IPS support will not help, they don't support 3rd part applications they said.
  3. Yeah, this is how it looks like to me (there are people who should have colored nicks there but no, they are just default) And this is ChatBox (it also had colored nicks before):
  4. Noticed I was still on version for 4.3, so upgraded to the 14 and I have colors in the threads. So currently from what I can see they are only missing in the "Who's online" module, and in ChatBox (application).
  5. I have it like this, and still nothing on chatbox and in threads.
  6. I hadn't but I switched to it, yet it doesn't help.
  7. Hi, I have lost colored names in certain places over a night, has something changed recently? I'm on IPB 4.4.1. It was working fine yesterday. Missing colored user links are on: ChatBox application, in a thread, Who's Online. This is what I 've noticed, maybe there is more
  8. I recently updated to latest IPB 4.2.5, via my smartphone and something went wrong. Now I cannot see the flags next to users, only blank spaces. Is there a way to fix it without losing any already assigned flags? I've tried to update to latest version of plugin but it didn't help.
  9. When I click on IP that is attached to post/message it shows country properly. In example that second IP resolves to: Budapest, Budapest, 1039, Hungary I will update the board soon.
  10. I'm still on 4.1, and there seem to be bug with country detection. Two examples: (89-69-227-3.dynamic.chello.pl) and user has german flag. ( 85-238-70-80.pool.digikabel.hu) user has german flag again.
  11. Didn't know about it. So I enabled IPS Geo, but most of my users still have no flags. How to display it for them automaticaly then? Guessing it's not retroactive and works only for new posts?
  12. Have few requests, not sure if this is possible or was already mentioned before so forgive my ignorance: 1. Ability for admin to edit user profile and set/change their flag. I've tried but could not find any field I can edit when looked up someones profile. 2. To display a forced (required) country flag selection durring creating a new account.
  13. I would like to replace "Donate now" textual button with a graphical button based on png/jpg, can you give advice which part of code to replace ?
  14. Is there a way to make it detect user language and display PayPal for that user in his language? I mean to make it multilingual.
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