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  1. That's a beautiful layout. Please give a thought sometime if same layout can be created via pages at superblocks. Regards
  2. I use superblocks too. I thought I could add the topic list style in blocks to add in pages too. Any thoughts?
  3. would it work in Forums/ topics of a Club?
  4. but it shows when a new quiz is posted/created
  5. When someone takes the quiz , the score percentage is shown in the community activity stream. Is this supposed to appear in the clubs activity stream too?
  6. in my case club activity stream is not showing the quiz results when someone takes it
  7. there is a problem in clubs...when a non club member tries to download a file from clubs, it shows the following error. i understand it as normal. because a non member cannot download file. but how would someone come to know from this that he/she has to join the club to download? there is no option to customize this.
  8. Without pages its incomplete
  9. why pages cant be added to clubs??/??
  10. No, I meant a better page template similar to wiki on existing wiki style articles. I have already achieved Table of contents etc by modifying html, but it is painful to do edit every post
  11. wow wow wow....I was waiting for this. Next Wait is for WIKIpedia style WIKI
  12. yes, without categories discussions wont be attractive in Clubs
  13. I have faced a problem since last update. numbers are not shown
  14. I think I have done it. This is how it looks https://www.thedoc.org/
  15. cannot delete the attachment images in about us section. uninstalled the plugin and then reinstalled. But all the images are still there.
  16. after update to latest version seems defer error for parsing of java reappeared
  17. If we can get these changes in the next update please? Here: Please choose Your Answer Here if the answer is correct then:Your are right. The correct answer is aaaaaaaaaaa. Click below to see the explanation. If the answer was wrong: Your answer is wrong. The Correct answer is aaaaaaaaaaa. Click below to see the explanation. Now onwards, the player should not be allowed to change his choice for this question.
  18. You should say it rather as apprehensive...We are on this since launch and already crated a lot content with it
  19. I hope, these will be just options, not a default feature. We are running it for doctors . the day it becomes for kidz...God know what will happen
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