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  1. Safety1st

    Tip Author

    I don't see a donate section in account settings. And a suggestion to make link to FA page with _blank
  2. Safety1st

    Tip Author

    True. It will greatly increase plugin application.
  3. Safety1st

    Tip Author

    I'd like to do NOT have connection with any payment system. Just see the links of my users:
  4. Safety1st

    Tip Author

    There are more important things that were already described: • removing connection to particular payment system; • using more intelligent check; • compatibility with the must have plugin KS. Here are the results: public static function hookData() { return array_merge_recursive( array ( 'post' => array ( 0 => array ( 'selector' => 'ul.ipsComment_controls.ipsClearfix[data-role=\'commentControls\']', /* Is the link not valid? */ if ( $val != NULL && mb_strpos( $val, 'https://www.paypal.com' ) === FALSE && mb_strpos( $val, 'https://www.paypal.me' ) === FALSE ) { throw new \DomainException( 'tipAuthor_notValid' ); }
  5. The code doesn't work correctly if editor's window was not activated first. I get 'range is undefined' error. Here is the video Here is the code try { var editor = ips.ui.editor.getObj($('[data-role="replyArea"] [data-ipsEditor]')); if (editor) { editor.unminimize(); var url = $(this).attr('data-ipshover-target').split('do=hovercard')[0]; var id = url.replace(new RegExp("(.*)/profile/([0-9]+)-(.*)", 'g'), "$2"); var hovercard = url + 'do=hovercard'; url = url.substr(0, url.length - 1); var name = $(this).text(); var a = $('<a>').attr({ 'contenteditable': 'false', 'href': url, 'data-ipshover-target': hovercard, 'data-mentionid': id, 'data-ipshover': '' }).text('@' + name); var div = $('<div>').append(a); var aHTML = div.html().trim(); editor.insertHtml(aHTML); editor.focus(); } } catch (e) { console.log(e.message); } editor.insertHtml('<b>test</b>') leads to the same result.
  6. Plugins perfectly works on
  7. Please provide me some details about using ipsResponsive_hidePhone tag.
  8. @Ibragim Pupkevich What about add color support for spoiler's title?
  9. Yes, I do. Such information is redundant for 'mobile' members.
  10. @Theme Tent UK please add a feature to hide the widget in phone view.
  11. I'd like to add some HTML content to CKEditor editing area after user clicks on something. Previously it was done by the following code: var editor = ips.ui.editor.getObj($('[data-role="replyArea"] [data-ipsEditor]')); if (editor) { editor.unminimize(); ... editor.insertHtml(html); editor.focus(); } But this method doesn't work properly on the last IPS4 builds. I get the weird error right after executing editor.insertHtml(html): "q is undefined"
  12. Normally I do. But I tested using in-box theme.
  13. Don't work for me on Tried with disabled third party customizations.
  14. Safety1st

    Tip Author

    The same is for me.
  15. Safety1st

    Tip Author

    Too bad all suggestions are just ignored…
  16. No, it just a field in invitations table, for admin purposes only.
  17. @Mark Round please give us a screenshots from ACP. Also you didn't comply with Steam style too much, for example, because of green buttons.
  18. It seems there is no lang keys notifications__customnotifications_Customnotification и notifications__Customnotification for that page or they just misspelled…
  19. The only left suggestion I found is 'campaign name': Deeply sorry for inconvenience
  20. @Charles I hope you will add an logging of editing tags.
  21. True. I'm a developer too and I believe that bugs & new features should be prioritized among all plugins. Especially when you really DO care about ALL of them simultaneously. Also I always try to treat differently active clients with good ideas. But that is my choice.
  22. I understand your reaction, however, try to imagine just for one moment that implementing of my ideas makes your app better, at least they could. That is my contributions. In that topic I doesn't care how many plugins you have to maintain. I believe that found bugs must be fixed but suggestions may (or may not) be added.
  23. First of all I clearly remember the last added 2 features.Hmm, may be I forgot to tell you about the rest... I will recheck tonight.
  24. As you say. But the feature of your plugin could be easily bypassed using custom login handler for registration. Will you be si kind to fix this? I just needed to clarify. Too bad ETA is unknown, last update was a long time ago.
  25. @Adriano Faria I'm still waiting for implementation the requested earlier suggestion... Should I describe them again? The next 2 serious defects: • if an invitation code is required to pass registration it also must be requested if using custom login handler; • invitation email must be at least on user's interface language, for now they are sent on default site language all the time. it would be nice to be able to choose language for particular invitation and after sending plugin must inform user about successful action through default black pop-up.
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