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    This is a decent theme, I believe its design style to be better than _most_ of what you will see on the market. I've used a couple of the Veilon themes, mainly for the attractive slider for articles and the sleek overall style. With that said there are some pit-falls to these themes. They are not 100% functional nor user friendly (maybe like 90%). Even though this theme is advertised to be able to easily change colors that is not the case, you will need to manually tweak quite a bit of css. As well as some template elements have been forgotten like the promote to social media stuff that was new in ipb 4.2 and you'll need to fix the article slider to look good and be functional. So those looking for plug and play beware! But if you're like me and fixing the product to your specification would happen anyways, this theme is a very good base. Editing the css is easy in the custom.css file that won't get deleted when you do a theme update. The trickiest thing to figure out was combing through the template to find the article slider and add some classes that allowed me to force images to keep their aspect ratio and look good when either pinned or not, as well as be fluid/responsive and shrink down if the browser was small. One thing to note, I ditched the included template for the articles list page and the article content itself. It was too annoying trying to keep consistency between them all in terms of template/css tweaking and image aspect ratio, so I'm using SuperGrid which works beautifully with this theme. I'll attach some images to more or less show there is still hope for making your articles look good on the front, in the middle, and in the end where the article is. Also, if anyone is annoyed by a gray box that blows itself up all over the articles when you shrink the resolution hiding the article images it has something to do with the header widget (where you would normally put announcements, guest sign up block, chatbox) I chose just to hide the articles when the resolution gets to the size where that happens. I found the articles were WAY more annoying to scroll past on more mobile versions of the site, so it works out. There may be a lot of little things to fix and tweak but you would find that with any theme on the marketplace. And unless you have no idea when it comes to css, this theme shouldn't intimidate you.
  2. What is the module__trophies_medal? I'm tweaking permissions and I just simply don't know what that aspect is.
  3. Hello. I installed the latest version of the Application Forms and I get this error when adding new fields. UPDATE `applicationform_fields` applicationform_fields SET `allow_attachments`=NULL,`type`='Text',`options`='null',`multiple`=false,`required`=true,`input_format`='' WHERE id=1 IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'allow_attachments' cannot be null (1048) So, your application is setting allow attachments to null even though the next line is saying it can not be null. I've had it manually tweaked to overcome this issue but would like to bring it to your attention and get a patch. Is this issue only for me?
  4. Thanks! That worked, did not think about going there.
  5. That's the thing. I can't find it. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it, any suggestions?
  6. I have installed your latest .tar file (4.1.21). And the list of applications say it is installed-- but can not find any settings to manage the application following the included README file. There simply is no Featured Content under customization or anything in my ACP related to that. I do have the ability to place the side block, but its useless without configuration. Running IPB 4.1.15
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