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  1. I have IP 4.3. , I'm thinking about purchase this plugin, when this plugin will be works in my IP version?
  2. Excellent! I'm looking forward to the new version!
  3. check please my new screen! Green line is default topic from my forum and blue line is your plugin, you see? In default topics prefixes looks good, but in your plugin this is impossible!
  4. Hello! The developer of this plugin, please make depicting prefixes and tags in your plugin! Please check the example on the screen! Regards!
  5. Hello! Today I buyed your plugin - advenced tags & prefixes and after installation I get some problem, my forum have 4 languages, and I can't see in titles form, where is all my 4 languages? I can fill only one language in prefix. Now i can't use this plugin until developer fix this problem! Please take care and make this new modification so fast how can developer! best regards!
  6. where i can find this stroke ? <div class='ipsGrid_span1 ipsSpacer_bottom vbItem'>
  7. You can make one block like you see on screen, in right side with big windows?
  8. how to do that in new videobox version if i can't find in file Videos text ? - <div class="esnList_item" {{if $orientation=='vertical'}}style="width: 33.33% !important;"{{endif}}>
  9. please add in block manager language function - tittle name of block EXAMPLE
  10. Hello users! I have question! When i wanna make new topic in my forum, when i editing my new topic, i can't find solution how to edite link of simple text! How to edite in my new topic simple link of my text? I mean, when i press on text in my topic who have link of _blank , i need set in link new window like popup. Example of html <a href="link" onclick="window.open(this.href,'description','width=500,height=500,resizable=no, scrollbars=yes');return false;">text of link</a> How to integrate in new topic example of this HTML ?
  11. need new update for new ips 4.1.10
  12. So, how long time need wait? Give me DATE (DAY) when be ready!
  13. Fix your plugin on last version IPS 4.1.10 !!! Don't work, white screen!
    Fix this plugin to the last version 4.1.10. !!! Don't work on last version! please fix this so fast how you can!
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