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    Great for people selling license keys. Flawless app
    Works great, saw SEO improvements shortly after with more clicks.
    Another great release from a great developer. Would reccommend
    Not only one of the best looking IPB themes I've ever seen, but Taman provides great support. Looking forward to using this theme in the future
  1. Is it possible to run an SQL query or something to increase the subscription time for all users with a subscription?
  2. Bump, spammers are still taking lots of time. It's an easy to implement feature.
  3. Hello, we face hundreds of accounts every week which register at our forums semi manually and then spam the forums automatically. I saw this spammer problem at forums with similiar content as well and thus I think I am not the only one facing this horrible problem. We flag every user as spammer once we see them, but unfortunately the will just keep registering new accounts and they use every IP for 5-10 accounts every day. These options are what you offer so far: What about this option: [ ] IP Ban member - Bantime (Forever, 1 Hour, 6 Hours, 1 Day
  4. I first created a support ticket and THEN was told to post here in the ticket.... which is it. Do we post here or do we create a support ticket. @Charles @Tomzl
  5. Yeah I didn't think it would be to difficult to implement. They seem to make excuses for all of my suggestions rather than do anything about it.
  6. We have had 4 admins doing it at once. I think it should be looked into how to speed it up regardless of what I'm doing however. I think we are suggesting that IPB makes it faster, or an option to make it faster for larger servers. We don't want the blame to be put on us, it's slow, and we all know it.
  7. Same issue and IPB was no help. We have around 500k posts and 1M members. It took us nearly a full day and the background processes have been running for 2 days while our server idles at 3% usage.
  8. Many of our users our confused after registering using facebook, twitter or google. They have to manually say they forgot their password in order to create a password for the site. In addition, we use the forum login to authorize people to log into a software of ours which requires the user to have a password. I think there should be an option to allow a user to set a password when siging up with social media
  9. That doesn't look to bad, would be happy if you upgrade it for IPS4! I think it wouldn't be to bad to see implemented into IPS by default anyways :). I mean who wouldn't like to send a confirmation email or instruction steps to buyers?
  10. I want to be able to send an email and PM to a customer after they have purchased something. It would be very useful in many ways if we could do this. The current feature (which is labeled as if it does what I'm suggesting) is not very useful at all, an email to myself is useless because I get one from paypal, but an email to the customer is very useful because we can give them more information/help.
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