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    Great application. Great support. Adriano!
  1. topek


    Step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 click on the link. On the last question. Before the quiz ends step 5 return to this quiz. It is not blocked
  2. topek


    This is how it is set: allow people to play only once The player enters the quiz and when the last question clicks, for example, on the logo and exit from this quiz (before finishing). Then he can go back to the same quiz. He already knows all the questions and suggestions for answers. Protection does not work. It works only when it changes the card.
  3. topek


    Unfortunately, there is an easy way to deceive the game system on time. Only need to on the last question cross in the same card to the main page of the website or the general address of the quizzes, and then return to the quiz, that just left and play in it from the beginning, but you already know the questions and proposed answers. The protection of the quiz works only when the card is changed, unfortunately it does not protect against the above mentioned way. In my opinion, the beginning of the quiz for the first time should make it impossible to renew it regardless of the circumstances of quiz exits.
    Great plug. You no longer need to run risks by chaning it directly in the database. Quick editing and effect. Recommend.
  4. topek

    Member Map

    Cool! Thank you. I have 2 suggestions may head all the bosses take them into account; ) 1. Search town 2. Ability to remove its designation Greetings! t .
  5. topek

    Member Map

    Hello, I write with the translator. I'm sorry, but I do not know English. I found 2 errors in the module Members Map and ask for help. 1. link does not work to change the location. After selecting the page reloads, but nothing happens. Link has the form : /?_fromLogin=1# 2. The profile group of guests who do not have access to me Member map see user profiles small homepage. Please help. IPS4 P.S. Great module . Should be paid ! Greetings from Poland! Thomas
  6. On 23.12.2014 at 11:37 AM, Rekruterka_AMA said:

    zrywa umowę i wtedy jest to naszą największą porażką, bo tracimy pracownika nie z naszej winy. To na nas także spada fala krytyki i ją oczywiście przyjmujemy bez względu na okoliczności.

    Dziękuję za pytanie i pozdrawiam!


    A to wierutna bzdura, ponieważ czytałam i tam pisało , że pośrednik niemiecki jest tylko pośrednikiem w nawiązaniu umowy i wszelkiego rodzaju sprawy muszą być załatwiane z polską agencją a nie z niemieckim poś

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