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  1. Could you please call me so we can discuss the issue 505-872-1115 ext 112. Thanks!
  2. Some members are requesting to see a member list, I see an online users and staff list but not a general list. Is this possible in v4?
  3. I'm attempting set a database to sort articles by Ratings. However, it apparently has no effect. Other options seem to work fine. Any thoughts?
  4. I've been searching the forums and document and can't find this. Is it possible to set it so all users user auto follow a database entry that they created? I'm using v4.0.2.
  5. Actually using Safari. I was finally able to get an update. Seems to be intermittent.
  6. I'm attempting to update to the most recent release of 4 and I'm seeing "Preparing your update" within the CP. The spinner just goes and goes and never stops. Anybody else have this?
  7. Also, if I add an additional block (not a WYSIWYG block) and then refresh the first "rogue" WYSIWYG block described above duplicates on the page. Creating a new page also shows the "rogue" block on the page, even before any content is added.
  8. I've got an odd circumstance where a WYSIWYG block is not able to be removed from 2 pages created with the Pages app. I delete them from the page using the block editor and they appear to be gone. However, when I refresh the page, the deleted block is restored. Any thoughts?
  9. Ahh found the solution. Make Pages the default Application, then make the specific page the default page, then it will appear as the home page. Great!
  10. ​Thanks for that. Excellent. Only trouble is I would like it to go to a specific page. Perhaps I'm going to need a plugin to do that.
  11. ​Thanks for the prompt reply. So I think there is an error in the code. Take a look at what is being spit out. Notice the title floating there:
  12. Great plugin. Very easy to configure and get going. A few questions: 1. I notice on your screen shots that the title of the featured entry appeared below the thumbnail. I'm not seeing that feature, but perhaps I missed it. 2. The images don't appear to be cropping when creating a thumbnail but rather distorting or stretching to fit. Is that expected behavior?
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