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  1. These parts of the forums want to change the opacity
  2. Yeah I'm trying to do that to some parts of the forums like Navbar and Background sidebar etc.
  3. How would I change the opacity to some parts like the Reset area background?
    I've been using this addon but recently deleted it, All the Icons for showing what game the server on is missing the small picture and the players are not correct or accurate. I would like for this addon to be working again
  4. I recently found out that the button to invite new members to a conversation in my forums PM system disappeared? Here is where the button used to be to invite people into the conversation Is there a setting or is there something broken?
  5. My host provider cannot do a backup up of the mysql for the reason " Your database contains InnoDB tables. We do not support the restoration of databases containing InnoDB tables at this time. " Is there any other way to get a backup? or to restore all my forum topics in the system? please let me know thanks.
  6. ah thank you so much! spent the past 2 hours trying to figure that one out
  7. I've recently upgraded to 4.0x it was all working fine and perfectly for about 2-3 minutes and all of a sudden this happens look in the screenshots, my admin area looks all messed up and so does my main forum page, but 2-3 minutes after installing it was working fine. any idea what going on?
  8. Thanks for the comments guys, its been fixed!
  9. I've manage to really mess up my Manage forums area by adding a custom URL in a Add a new category instead of adding it in a Add New Forum As you can see in the picture you cannot edit or delete the category, I've even found a button to click delete and when i did it just took me to the custom url. Is there a way to delete this in the filezilla folders or in mysql? i cannot delete it through admin CP If anyone can help me from my stupid mistake i will really appreciate it thank you.
  10. Is there a possible way to enable to comment on people's profiles? Thanks.
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