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  1. ? Sorry. CSS custom code to make both side of the bar degrade in gradient up to transparent. As possible? I try with several codes, and doesn't work.
  2. Hi! I try to modify the custom CSS Post Border Classes to make a gradient (I want the both border side are transparent) but I can do it. Currently I use this code background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0) 0%, rgba(0, 131, 195, 0.5) 25%, rgba(0, 131, 195, 0.2) 75%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0) 100%); In view that it does not work, I have tried to apply other CSS random and in everything it makes me disappear the line. The CSS custom dosent work? Maybe I need put other function? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok, all fixed. We had an httaccess folder pass on the forum and it seemed to have issues with that, disabling it and reconfiguring the plugin did the trick, thought I´d let you know in case you hear of this issue in the future
  4. Sorry I should´ve specified that it´s not an HTTP error but rather an error message that shows in the login form for wordpress if that makes sense The moment I save master url and key I loose access to wp, have to dig in to wp_options and delete the settings in order for it to let me back in Could it be the fact that there are users with same username both in WP and IPB? PS: The link in step 1 does not work, I got the info needed from Log In Authentication Manager in IPB
  5. Hi Again, So for some reason now it works (didn´t change anything just clicked save again so no idea there. Problem is, the moment you log out, you can´t login again (wp) you get a 520 error cannot login please try again later, and you have to delete the plugin just to be able to get back in. Another thing I´m not clear on is, I´ve imported a forum from Kunena to ipb and that all works fine, of course there´s a db of users, how do those users login? Meaning, does this plugin create accounts for those users on the wordpress side of things?
  6. Hi, Folder is named ipsconnect just double checked :/ What solution was given to "Azure" here (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7163-wp-ips-connect-plugin/) ? As he seems to have the same issue.
  7. (MT) WordPress IPSConnect 1.1.1 DISABLED API DISABLED Getting this error with XML-RPC enabled on IP.Board and correct Log In/APi details entered any suggestions? Id use the support forums link but the captcha wont let me past registration.
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