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    "Email Copies" functionality in Commerce is broken (although other emails come through fine); consequently this app in its current form is unusable. Will be happy to amend rating should author fix the plugin. Developer has pushed update to fix issue, and is expeditiously communicative. Would fully recommend in the application's current state.
  1. Another request 😄 Would you be able to integrate this with MaxMind, if it's possible to do so?
  2. @OctoDev I appreciate you developing this. So far, we have found it to work perfectly. Can I request more information is passed to/from the gateway, as is done so like in the Stripe gateway available by default on the IPB transaction view? I'm not sure how far the Coinbase API extends, however things such as which cryptocurrency/method was actually used, time from payment initiation to authorization, total amount of crypto sent, etc. would be useful to have added.
    Cannot fault it. The gateway works as intended as far as we can infer from testing.
  3. Highlighting this as a pressing issue for us still too. Surprised to see someone else encountering the same difficulties as we, but at least this shows there is a demand for this change.
  4. Have you ensured the bucket policy and ACLs are set to allow public access? A HTTP 403 is a generic "Forbidden" error.
  5. No commerce custom field regexes? 😭 E: Stock response merge with staff signature is definitely appreciated though, give that man a raise!
  6. How does this work with COPPA? It's such a shame not being able to have members use fast-registration because we prohibit minors from registering, so I hope this is not also affected.
  7. Can you ensure customers who have made successful purchases are not subsequently removed by the plugin?
  8. Currently the bookshelf closest contains 3 shelves of Lepidoptera taxonomy reference material and 1 of Shakespeare. E: Forgot to include image
  9. Even so, we cannot expect IPS to have to go through with a fine tooth comb for the specifics pertaining to every single country as there is certainly a downside in the rate at which updates would be delivered for everyone else. As they've already said, it will be better to react accordingly as to how the courts interpret the new legislature. You can already so so by modifying the database directly anyway to change the post author. Additionally, this is a case for the provisions in the GDPR that permit the retention of data even after a deletion request. There's no point in a kneejerk reaction to "what ifs" until case law is built around the subject, and once this is so I have full confidence that IPS will adapt accordingly.
  10. Prominent signage must be placed saying CCTV is in effect and the ICO notified. You can read more here. Most EU countries take a more balanced approach, acknowledging the benefits of CCTV operation rather than Germany's overly strict regulation - same goes with IPS' implementation of GDPR compliant tools in 4.3.3; just because one country is overly strict doesn't mean the other 27 member states are. Also let's keep this apolitical, besides which the GDPR comes into effect prior to any departure from the EU anyway. @Matt can previously unattributed posts be manually re-attributed, selectively, should a user return (under a new account) and want to pick up a thread/threads in the future?
  11. Public areas are just that; public - i.e. not private. It is not illegal to record video facing out of premises. Indeed, this question was asked of the UK police here: https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q717.htm
  12. Why would they be prohibited? There is absolutely a lawful basis under "legitimate interests" and possibly even "public task" too with the new GDPR - assuming this is carried out by the bank or a PSC on it's behalf.
  13. I'm not disputing that. I corrected his fallacy since the point is immaterial.
  14. No, the monkey did not win the copyright claim.
  15. Naturally, but to use the antonym while attempting to illustrate the difference only lends itself to more confusion.
  16. Wrong, the GDPR calls for explicit consent; i.e. the user specifically declaring they are interested.
  17. True, but equally Commerce doesn't support having a "pool" of stock that automatically becomes available as uptake fluctuates. Similarly, I'm surprised there's no stock here - seems a bit of a hassle to have to go through the hoops if one wishes to offer a limited number of subs, for instance an "earlybird" style, or for higher tiers.
  18. Will the stocks be configurable on a per-product basis to restock the relevant product should a customer decide to not renew?
  19. So say I wanted to track an inventory of 20 T-shirt types (let's say red/green/blue/etc) from a merch store that contains other items such as mugs, keychains, and other apparel; are there any usability improvements to allow quick review of a product category only?
  20. Similar to Joel's point no. 3 - I really hope you guys have changed the filters menu to be different from how it is now. Unchecking 4 out of 5 products is one thing, what about 49 out of 50? Similarly, has the same filtering issue with countries on the Markets been fixed? If I only want to get stats on a couple of countries, you really expect us to uncheck every single other country? I know we'll be able to save them once achieved the first time, but it's still a bit of a hassle if there's no (de)select-all button. What about some kind of text field that allows you to type in a product or country that you want to filter for? For reference, below is referring to what I mean: "I only wanted to see how Germany compares to Ukraine"
  21. Just read the Stripe news, that's a shame... I'll take ETH if they add that, though!
  22. Chargeback and Radar handling is amazing, been after those for a while now. Please tell me Commerce also has functionality for PayPal in regards to chargebacks and not just Stripe!
  23. You could add it to where my OP is regarding the various custom fields available.
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