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  1. Any chances of this being made available for 4.3 or 4.4?
  2. Advanced Tag and Prefixes seems to be tested up to 4.3 and the author has stopped providing support for future updates. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm a little hesitant especially given that I plan to try the 4.4 beta. For the first one, here's the screenshot:
  3. I've seen these widgets on some IPS sites. They could be outdated or retired add-ons, I'm not sure. I haven't been able to find these in the Marketplace. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I'm looking for two sidebar widgets: Members stats - I've seen a single widget that can display the following: Top posters today Newest members Top posters by group Top posters Top Best Answers Top reputation Most visited Popular tags - Displays the most used tags I hope these are readily available or easy tweaks that I overlooked.
  4. I'm a big fan of Group Collaborations and enjoy using it. I've been on a hiatus with running IPS and I'm just restoring my community. How does this compare with the new Clubs feature that is built into IPS?
  5. Is there something wrong with my installation? It doesn't seem to detect the new version when I check for updates under Applications in the Admin CP. Could this be related to me renaming the application title?
  6. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the quick response, Kevin!
  7. @Kevin Carwile is it possible to let us customise the Collab block titles? They are using the term "Collab" e.g. "Featured Collabs" and "Latest Collabs". I would prefer to be able to use either the Application Title or the category alias in the blocks instead.
  8. Would it be possible to use this without having to create a category? My collabs fall under just one category. Right now users have to go to collabs, then choose a category to see the list of groups.
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