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  1. Reading everything word for word to this point, this author is "defining" the word "condescending" all by himself. People have a right to ask! This board isn't free! The apps we buy arent free! We are paying customers who see the trend for what it is! And we don't want our continued investment to be for naught! If the author has a problem with that logic, then so be it. Enjoy your freedom of thought. But don't call people out for expressing a real want AND need in today's world. And luckily, for this author, not everyone IS a programmer, or he would have to find a totally different trade to make money from. So let's lay off the 'jerk' tonic and let people ASK for what they are willing to pay for in peace!
  2. Thank you for the fast reply. Not that it's a huge profit, but you'll have me buying this if you do get around to age and genders. That kind of targeting is exactly what I'm hoping for. Thank you again.
  3. Can this be shown based on gender and age as well?
  4. Hi again, Grant. :) And, no.. IP.Conent is too complicated right now for me to fully figure out. I was wondering if there is any chance it would work on (DP34) Pages 2.0.3 And if not innately, if it could be altered in a semi-easy way to do it..
  5. Hi Grant, and Happy Easter. I was wondering, knowing I may need to 'hack' or simply add code, but is there any way I can show this slider on 'Pages'? Or even just one specific page?
  6. MadMaddox

    Easy Pages

    Ryan? Have you been made aware that the version number is (hopefully) wrong in this latest version? Its listed as 1.1.3, but when installing it shows up as 1.1.2. Thats just an oversight, right? I didn't inadvertently grab an older version...from the primary download page?
  7. MadMaddox

    Easy Pages

    Ryan, just wanted you to know that before I bought this, I read all 15 pages of this support forum so see how well you take care of your customers. Total class, professionalism and not a hint of condescension. I like that. makes buying from you easy. :)
  8. Question please.. When adding the 'Postback URL' into my google wallet settings (on google), i enter this per your instructions: http://***mysite***.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=payments&section=receive&validate=sodgooglewallet But Google doesn't accept it. It doesn't return an error, it just simply returns to default state 'blank'. Any thoughts? Surely it isnt the length of the URL as others have not reported this...
  9. Im starting to think "THIS" plugin is EOL also...
  10. Will this work on ip.downloads item changes as well? or just forum posts?
  11. "4.0" and it was meant to point out that if a single 3rd party scripter could do it in a day, then where is the real issue. ultimately its about keeping your CUSTOMERS happy. Not your employees. And if your customers want it...and you dont have the man power.. then loosen the purse strings.. spend the equivalent of a license..and have one of established 3rd party modders do it for you..again..for 4.0. Its pure rhetoric, however. ive followed this thread long enough to spot the mule. :smile:
  12. Just farm it out to one of the myriad talented 3rd party scripters hovering around here. They could have you an 'official IPB privacy hook' knocked out in a day that would do you proud.
  13. Please dont neglect this...
  14. Could you add more colors and then rename them so that they are all grouped together in the bbcode dropdown?
  15. oh Alex!!! Youre right. Im very sorry for my misunderstanding. I feel very silly! I just saw the .xml file and instantly thought 'hook'. ;) It would be good if you make sure future buyers KNOW they have to import as bbcode or they may do like i did. :smile: Thank you.
  16. The hook does not install (3.4.6) And the instructions are..well.. lacking" and THAT folks.. is the extent of your directions. Anyways.. its broken. Move on. :smile: EDIT - Ignore all of the above! It works just fine when you don't have your head up your rear! ;) Thanks Alex!
  17. Might you consider extending the support to the other IPB items in the near future? from what I have seen, It would be great to have YOUR tags the boards' universally defacto tag system.
  18. Pre-Sale question please... I just wish to know if this item can be used to help me tag all products on IP.Downloads or is it only for forum use? Im hoping these nice colored tags could be seen (and used) site-wide! Thank you for your time.. MadMaddox
  19. Im afraid i can confirm this problem still exists: "This is a great hook ,but when the hook is enabled it will post not a support topic after adding a download. When i disabled the hook i must adding the same download again for the support topic." I have disabled ALL hooks and only turned on the shoutbox and this hook. Then went and created a new item. nothing posted to forum. removed this hook, created a new item and voila. thread created. im on 3.4.6 should it matter. :)
  20. The real question for me before purchase is... where the heck is (T30) Hide Content?! I cant find it anywhere to purchase. So.. is your plugin relying on an EOL plugin to open hidden texts?
  21. Just purchased and hoping like crap this works with 3.4.6, as there nothing stated one way or the other...
  22. No info for 2 weeks. before i buy, are you still developing it?
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