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  1. ok, 95% are on mobile now. 😁 Mobile App: Announced last year, this is not a topic which popped up last year from nowhere and noone could imagine that a mobile app would play such a small role.. 🤣😬
  2. no need to mention this, Invision is ignoring our prays for years now.. 😉
  3. This all goes in a way i dont really like tbh.
  4. „..due later this year.“ So mid 2019 is meant? :-)
  5. Adam84


    THANKS! Please inbox me your PayPal, your next coffee goes on me.
  6. Hi Mike, Plugin works fine! - thx one "small" suggestion: would it be possible to replace the Calendar Comments with the Topic-Content? In Calendar -> Remove Link to View Discussion Topic. Instead of Calendar-Event-Comments -> include the previously created Topics. So there would be no "split" discussion anymore.. Users can discuss the Event in the Calendar and also in the Forum.. and they don´t see the other comments. regards
  7. Some source files are not correct for the latest version. If you uploaded the files to your server manually, the process may have failed or not completed yet, or a new version may have been released since you downloaded. Download latest version from your client area and upload the files again in order to continue. /path to files/404error.php /path to files/error.php I have translated files in use. For "decades" the update process has been working fine and not objected these two files - noticed me about that, that they are changed - thats ok.. but now the upgrade process forces me to to upload the english files befor i proceed with an update and upload these one in german afterwards ? not really?! one step forwards, two steps back..?
    Hello Adriano, plugin breaks ability to create new calendar event in kind regards, Adam
    Works perfect - but for my opinion it is "too hard" to force a user to introduce himself. 2 suggestions: option to show introdution hint to new registered user for X days or option to make the redirect "soft".. that means: user can browse forums and post as usual but has above every forum a "introdution hint" as long as he hasn´t posted something in in trodution forum - something little bit annoying like a guest message ;-)
  8. It is possible to add notes to images, my suggestion is to add the ability to link to profiles / mark users.. like in Facebook. @Username is not working.. PS: Where´s the option hidden to allow user groups to use this notes? :-)
    Very nice and lovely designed theme with cool features, can be easily adjusted for your needs!
  9. SolutionDevs offers great Apps for IPB; feature requests, support and suggestions were adopted - i´m using their apps for a while and recommending this company to other new customers. One of the biggest benefits is the price-performance ratio - even when your board is non profit you can afford their Apps - Thanks!
  10. i wouldn´t call a Cisco ASA a antiS**t.. maybe someone else could verify that..
  11. URL: GET http://hellshammers.net/Category: GamesReason: BLOCK-MALWAREThreat Type: othermalware Threat Reason: Domain reported and verified as serving malware. Notification: WBRS
  12. that feature would be very useful for my community. +1
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