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  1. You might have already checked this hopefully but go to ACP -> Members -> Registration and see if it is enabled.
  2. When ever you try to reply to a topic with the quick feature at the bottom it just says saving and then reverts back to the submit button. How do you fix this? On top of that there are many others bugs..
  3. I have a forum that has -1 posts after moving a topic to a different forum. When I created another topic in the forum it when to 0. Since there are no recount tools to recount the total posts in a forum it just stays behind.
  4. When ever I double post on a thread it merges the two replies into one. How do I revert this setting, I do not want them to be merging.
  5. Howie

    Slim Straight

    View File Slim Straight Advanced Technology is a skin that would suit your gaming, or technology based forums. Both the header logo and footer logo PSD's are included Tested on 5 different monitors, tablet, and iPhone Includes a unique userpaneinfo which came from cyimking Everything in the footer can be edited through the global template! No copyright on skin. All that I ask is that you give credit to me if someone asks Submitter NoahHoward94 Submitted 06/24/2014 Category Complex Skins Discussion URL Support Info <p>Please visit the support topic linked to this download for support</p> Supported Versions 0,IP.Blog 2.4.x
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