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  1. Hello i have 4.3.5 ipb version and on older version i had the button Source that i can put any code or something inside of description or something.. now the Source button missing.. is possible somehow to put it or maybe enable something to make it work only for administrators?
  2. Hello i have problem on my ipb 4.3.1 forum steam login method doesnt work it says: Something went wrong. Please try again. some people says that steam openid changed to https can someone tell me how i can fix it..? ps. fixed
  3. yes the problem exists on default skin..
  4. yes i choose files i upload it in left i saw the image thumb and after i press continue it says the error above..
  5. I recently enabled my gallery app when i tried to upload image on a test album i cant "continue" because of this field is required i upload my image after i press continue it says that error.. can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?
  6. mine i think was fixed from server side was the problem propably.. as my members told me.. i will check it further on incoming days..
  7. maybe we have same issue also my members was logged and after refresh the website show up with other's user account
  8. so i must contact with my provider to fix that issue? but this problem only some people had
  9. many i will post a few later because i am at work.. but you think the problem is on plugin? somewhere i see that maybe was database problem or something?
  10. Hello all, I just upgrade to 4.2.7 my forum and i move it on new server.. all was ok but some members said that they get logged into other forum accounts than their own. how can this be resolved?
  11. for some reason doesnt work :S i put the tag mention but members told me that no notification recieved.. version.
  12. Hello is possible to block on some usergroup or all usegroup the avatar upload by link? Only upload avatar with Url i want to block is that possible? with iplogger someone can find the ip adress of it..and bypass the cloudflare.. thanks.
  13. yes i found the problem on sql on a table its ok now.. thanks
  14. I just see that no one cant register on my forum (v4.1.19) it says Error after submit from registration form.. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1364 In logs i have an error and i think the problem is that: IPS\Db\Exception: Field 'avatarsteam' doesn't have a default value (1364) does anyone know something?
  15. after 35 hours is completed , but thanks.. must improve the payment i think.
  16. Hello some orders to refill my account with money (Paypal) takes too long.. and i need it to buy ips app to do my job.. why takes too long? Edit: 22 hours before i made the payment and waiting for approve..
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