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  1. Hello, I want to setup some users to have their own shops inside my site. The IPB commerce app only allows me to have "one" shop (for the site owner). With this app, can I set up something like that, or at lesat simulate it? I need to add in the menu links to the products that are offered by the users separatedly (may be filtering?) Thanks in advance, Federico.
  2. Is it possible to configure to show the add depending on the theme? This would be nice in order to use one design or another from Adsense, depending on the theme selected by the user. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Thank you very much!! And this I should write in the HTML boxes, right? Thanks again! Federico.
  4. Hello, I need to show a grid of X * Y ads at the header, using small images. how would I implement that? Thanks! Federico.
    Excellent work.
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